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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reports from the weekend w/ photos

It's always interesting to me, after a long season, to get a fresh perspective on the team. I think we're pretty fair, but we do see these guys an awful lot and it's easy to get into a rut.

So, it's cool when a Wild fan goes on a bit of a road trip and checks the guys out and gives a thorough report with fresh eyes (but still some knowledge about the players).

If you're interested in a first hand account of Saturday and Sunday's games, check out Bozak's Random Hockey Thoughts. I think you'll find his takes as an "outsider" worthwhile.

He's promising pictures later, but I'll give you pictures right the heck now, thanks to Chris "Leavin' on a Jetplane" Jerina.

Our Man in the Midwest is gonna be here this weekend for the Milwaukee games, so if you see him running around with his camera Saturday and Sunday, be sure and yell obscenities at him. Kidding. Kidding. Be nice.

Kassian, with a rather nice beard going, gets his fists of fury on.

Falker Scores!

Go-ahead goal for Rockford


B2Bomber said...

Interesting blog for sure. I need to let it sink in for a bit before commenting.

Chris Jerina said...

Agreed B2... I just hope you Aeros fans don't glare at me this weekend.

(Somehow I'm expecting that to happen intentionally, and for me to not get it)

ICEVET said...

On its face, a well-balanced commentary on WILD-Aeros tactics and the vulnerabilities of certain players.

His comments on Anton Khudobin raise interesting questions as to how much "constructive coaching" AK has received from the WILD-Aeros organization since being inserted into the Calder Playoffs, last year (particularly since Luke Strand left).

Heart-to-heart chats with Kevin Constantine, undoubtedly, help but.......who can AK turn to for guidance and improvement (that will make a difference in his NHL development)?

With regard to "goalie coaching", the inGoal Magazine recently published an interview (3/4 email) with Stephane Waite, 6-yr Chicago Blackhawks goalie coach, covering such topics as (i) a typical day in the life of a goalie coach and (ii) advice for young NHL-wannabe goalies. Serious Aeros fans should find his comments very insightful.

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

I see Falk is being called up! What about Noreau?
Maybe because Falk has some time to go on his contract, while Maxim is a free agent after this season is over?

Chris Jerina said...

Wouldn't you argue though that calling up Maxim would give him incentive to re-sign if he thought he has a chance to make the Wild though?

One thing to remember on Noreau is even though it is his 3rd AHL season, he's only 22 and still very young and will only get better.

artandhockey said...

Noreau is almost 23 (Falk only 21)... and yes, calling him up would probably give him an incentive to sign...but I feel he will get a better offer by some team appreciating his hard slapshot and good scoring record, as well as 'AHLstardom' ;-)!

Chris Jerina said...

Well, Nashville has had a penchant for signing ex-Aeros (Jones, Olvecky to name a pair) :D :D

Fred Trask said...

@ Chris - Ummm Joel Ward :-)

Chris Jerina said...


Who's he? He must have been really bad if the Predators signed him from the Aeros and he never played with Milwaukee. (And admittedly, I don't really care about Nashville.)

(this is all a cover-up for... DOH! Thats kind of a big one to forget) :D :D