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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up

I recently got two huge compliments from two Aeros players about our blog. With out me asking them, they told me that it was by far the best AHL blog they'd seen. One of them said it was because we do not take ourselves too seriously and that it can be "very funny" at times. The other said they like getting three different takes on things that are happening to the team.

Well, that was the whole point when I got the grand idea to combine the great talents of John Royal, Fred Trask, Ms. Conduct (and SO without bragging) myself.

John put his take on the season earlier today and claimed the Aeros dead in the water.
Another writer did this with a Houston sports team five years ago, and wow, did they look silly four months later.

And for another one of those perspectives, here is mine:

They still got a pulse (and I guess they need to read the book pictured above).

Last week I think I said they were at the E.R. complaining of chest pains. After last week's debacle, well they have officially had a major M.I and got quadruple bypass surgery. Things are not great, by any stretch, but with a healthy diet and an official change in lifestyle, they can still get it done. But if they keep with the same diet (too much smoking, fried foods and leaving their goalies out to dry) they are going to need a heart transplant and will likely not survive due the lack of a good insurance plan. (I will let you use your own imagination has to what I mean by that.)

Here is why I still give them a shot at the postseason: Kevin Constantine has never missed the playoffs in years that he was not fired. I don't think he is going to get the boot between now and April 10, so there is somewhat of a streak at stake here.

Another reason? Well, there were three teams on the outside looking in this time last year that made it to the postseason in 2009.

The Worcester Sharks, Philadelphia Phantoms and Peoria Rivermen all jumped from the land of the dead to the land of the living in the last six weeks of the regular season. The Phantoms were eight points back last March 1 and Peoria was seven points back at the same time.

The Aeros need to make up a 10-point deficit in the last 18 games to get it done. That is highly unlikely, but not impossible. Of those three teams that rallied, Worcester got 24 points in their last 21 games, Philadelphia got 28 in their last 21 and Peoria got an amazing 32 points in their last 20 games to get a No. 2 seed.

First of all the Aeros need to win at least 12 of their last 18 games to even HAVE a shot. If they can do that, they are going to need one of the teams ahead of them to collapse. The Texas Stars are right in front of them, so we'll start there.

If Texas goes 7-11 down the way, the Aeros likely need 24 points to make the playoffs.
If Texas goes 9-9 through the end of the year, the Aeros will need 28 points to get in.
And if Texas goes 11-7 in their last 18 games, the Aeros will need to go 16-2 in their last 18 games.

Of the three teams that choked in 2009, the Wolves were the biggest "ahogo-ers" ... in their last 17 games last year, the Wolves only got 12 points. Peoria took their spot with an amazing run, but were still knocked out by our Aeros in the last round.

As you can see, it will make a mini miracle, and the playoffs are not likely. But I can't call them dead just yet.

For those of you wondering, last year's team got just 20 (9-8-1-1) points in their last 19 games and moved up from fourth place on March 1 to third. Injuries and that great Peoria run cost them a first-round bye, but I think things worked out for them.


John Royal said...

No one hopes more than me that I'm wrong. And I hope that post comes back to bite me like that headline about the Astros bit the Chron. But I have to call it like I see it.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

If I were a betting man, I would definitely agree with you ... I just wanted to make clear that it is not impossible.

Know what I mean/

Chris Jerina said...

Great write-up Andrew. There's still a chance, but like John, I don't see it. (Cue "Living on a Prayer")

Here's hoping I get to see them more than one more time this season.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Thanks for the kind words ... and remember, I am no member of the sunshine club!

But I was just giving SOME reason to believe. Hell, if this team goes 10-8 the rest of the way and wins some home games, it's not a bad season.

Josh said...

Plus Rockford just made a trade yesterday with Peoria which I think kind of puts a big hole as far as Back up goaltending we need to make up 14 points on them but I see it as possible because One good Run for the Aeros and one 8 game slide for rockford and kaput rockford out Houston in

Forecheck said...

One fear I have in this (as I am reasonably certain the Aeros will not make the playoffs this year and maybe not even next, that isn't a "fear")is that either:

1) KC is named the fall guy by Minnesota management and is given the boot.

2) KC gets so frustrated by the current situation he resigns.

Yes, I believe in miracles and have seen miracles happen , I just don't see one occuring here.

Word verification "fendopit" - a place to discard old car fenders.

Sundays in 110 said...

Hope and Change.....

It's all I have left.

artandhockey said...

Over the rainbow .. que sera sera!

CatTrick said...

Congrats on that well-deserved compliment.