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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woof: Aeros lose 5-2 in Chicago

I didn't see the game and really, when you talk about a loss, what can you say if you haven't seen it?

  • I know Khudobin was pulled midway through the game after allowing the third goal in 9 shots. 
  • I know Michael Ouzas, the emergency back up goalie, got his first career AHL minutes in relief. 
  • I know the Aeros avoided a bigger embarrassment by putting two goals in in garbage time. 
  • I know Chicago is pretty happy to get their slump busted. Who isn't?
But whatever. The beauty of pro hockey is that redemption, a chance to do better, is around every corner. And today, with a bevy of dogs in the stands, the Aeros have a chance to put some bite behind their bark against the Stars. (And per the tweet that just came across, they might get to do it with Marco Scandella back in the line-up as the Wild have sent him down.)

To whet your appetite, we've got some fantastic pics courtesy of Chris "Hoss" Jerina, who went to the game last night in Chi-town. 

My absolute favorite, because the whole "goalie's cross paths as one gets pulled" can be so awkward, and I think he captured that perfectly here. 

Ouzas allowed 2 of 15 shots, so better than Khudobin and not bad for coming in cold to his first AHL game. 

I don't know what happened to him, but here's DiSalvatore having an "I should have been an accountant" moment and trainer Jody Green tending to him.

Something about this shot I just love. Maybe because I have a special place in my heart for trainers. So much crazy shit happens in hockey and the boys put their bodies on the line and just have to trust that the trainer will take care of them. It's a relationship in the locker room that you don't hear much about, which naturally means I'm interested in it.

Here's Gillies' goal at 12:33 in the third:

And here's Kalus admiring his own handiwork at 15:28:

And here's a lady who mistakenly thinks an uprising is afoot. Don't worry, ma'am. 

On to less happy things, this kinda sums it up. Mama said there'd be days like this....

Wooo! Look at the 'stache on Gillies! Nice upper lip work there, kiddo.

Anybody know what's depicted on Ouzas' mask here? Pretty neat paint job. (Thanks to reader Steven... it's a Hangover theme... the movie, not the condition. Knew I should know it, but couldn't place the "short guy"... oh yeah, the baby.)

Anyway, you can see the rest of them as there are a bunch of nice ones, over here. Many thanks for the shots, Chris. 

Oh, and bonus video from Binghamton for my fellow Brusty fans:


WolfKeeper said...

DiSalvatore took one in the family jewels, FYI.

Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ail2Jk7mk8U

Ms. Conduct said...

Hahaha, oooo, that explains the extremely sympathetic look on Jody's face.

WolfKeeper said...

Oh, and here's a fun story for ya'll.

First trip to the penalty box for Matt Kassian last night. The penalty box judge leans over and asks me for a puck. I'm not sure what's up -- Aeros hadn't scored, and the first thing on my mind was a rookie looking for his first goal puck. Anyway, I'm busy with the clock, and again I'm asked for a puck. I pull one out of of my jacket pocket and pass it through the glass, and the judge hands it to Kassian, who then gets up and passes it to a boy sitting on the other side of the glass (who seconds later had been making faces at him.)

I leaned over through the crack in the glass and told Kassian I thought he was gonna pull a Bob Probert and take it with him...

artandhockey said...

@WolfKeeper: That's Kassian for you. Good guy!
@Chris awesome photos, Thanks.

steven said...

The mask is from the movie the hangover

CatTrick said...

One thing for sure, even if it's a crappy game, if Chris Jerina is there, he'll get us some great pix!!! Thanks, Chris!!!

Fred Trask said...

Too bad the Aeros won't allow this.

Anonymous said...

Fred T. - "Too bad the Aeros won't allow this". Yes Sir, you are dead nuts on there buddy.