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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deserved to win? Negative.

Maybe I misunderstood Aero Joe tonight, but he said something at the end of his broadcast that really rubbed me the wrong way tonight.

In case you missed Team Three Stooges blew another two-goal third period lead.
The formula is rather impressive. Score first, score again and then figure out how not to do what other hockey teams have been successful at doing for, I don't know, the last 50-75 years. And Joe O'Donnell said something to the effect of "the Aeros are probably leaving the rink tonight again feeling like they should have come away with two points."

I totally disagree. I think they got exactly what they deserved tonight. Anton bailed them out many times in the third period and then, on a fluky shot from center ice, the Heat tied it. Hey, thems are the bounces. But to think they actually deserved an extra point in the standings is ludicrous. You can't think that when anytime you get more than two goals on the board it's an absolute fluke.

But maybe I am just extra cranky tonight because it's 12:15 or whatever. What do you think? Do you think the Aeros deserved to win? Maybe Joe meant this, though: "They Aeros are going to walk out of the rink tonight knowing they should have had two points tonight, but they blew it."

See, that is what he left out that he probably can't say: They. Blew. It.

Two weeks ago, when they blew a third period lead against Lake Erie, Mike Yeo said enough is enough. Then they blew another third period lead against Toronto, but still found a way to win.

Then, after beating OKC on the road, they blow two straight third period leads against what amounts to a very offensively weak Abbotsford team.

Yeo said enough is enough four games ago, yet they have done the same thing three of the four games since then. They have points in ALL of those games, but these missed points will haunt them in April.

It will be interesting to see how they close up the road trip. Sunday is an automatic loss, but maybe they find a way to rebound in the Saturday game against the Rivermen.

And maybe this team finds some leadership sometime between Western Canada and Peoria. Because right now they have a bit fat zero in that department.


Forecheck said...

You said it all very well, Andrew. No way this team deserved to win. You can't win by playing hard for the first 20 minutes and forgetting to play the remaining 40.

artandhockey said...

They have what it takes, but cannot apply it when it counts, or so it seems to me.
There seem to have been lot of 'falling down' these last two days!
Was it the 'heat' of the ice in Canada? :)
Or did my ears deceive me? Word is *absurm*... really!

alw02 said...

Some of the players from last year can not keep up as the game is too fast for them. This gets worse as the game goes on, unfortunately he is the captain.

Anytime we get to a two goal lead we try not to lose, looks like a certain NFL team that used to be here, te old prevent defense.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Look, it is VERY hard for me to blame the "C" in this case ... especially when I am watching a tiny computer screen and was no where near the actual game.

I don't know hockey well enough to say I KNOW FOR SURE one guy is a big problem on the team. But, what I can do is look at trends.

And blowing all these third period leads is not common, even for bad hockey teams. And the Aeros are not a bad hockey team.

Blowing 3rd period leads, I think, points to accountability issues, blowing assignments and not sticking to the game plan.

If it's the wrong game plan, then that is on the coach. For now I believe the coach when he tells me that it is not a conditioning issue.

He told me, point blank, last week that it is all mental. The mistakes being made in the third period are mental.

I don't think the "C" is off to a great start this year, and before the rest of the team starts buying into the whole system, they need to be able to look up to their "C"

Are they able to fully do that right now?

I love ... one of the classiest guys I have ever dealt with ... but I don't think the answer is yes to that question.

B2Bomber said...

This team needs to learn to keep the pressure on when they have a lead instead of being complacent. As one of the other fans noted on the chat during the game (paraphrased):..."this team doesn't know how to step on the other teams neck and keep them down".....

Anonymous said...

Too many new rules and regs .. maybe that is what holds them back?

alw02 said...

You are right Andrew it is not just the C. But if there is a leadership issue then some of it is related to the C. The point was that the skating changes in the 3rd period and when you watch you see guys who were active earlier standing around waiting for the action to come to them.

The hockey playing is so much more reactive and tending to passive late in the game until the end of game crunch. I believe that Coach will get thru to them before long.

The Wild prospects look good tho.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Houston is now unbeaten in regulation in six games (4-0-0-2)

Forecheck said...


If they played the whole game, every game , and they are 6-0-0-0 and surrender 0 points to opponents instead of 3.

Keep in mind, we are also competing for potentially a playoff spt in the North division.

Forecheck said...

Ooops ... five points surrendered