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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Trotters: Roster moves and Sully's Back (sorta)

Several Aeros players are going to have some solid vacations this summer thanks to the air miles they're racking up going back and forth to Minnesota and elsewhere.

In the last couple of days, the Wild have sent Casey Wellman back to Houston (#7 in case you forgot) and called up Matt Kassian and Justin Falk.

The Wild play the Flyers tonight, so Kassian isn't particularly a surprise. Never hurts to have some extra muscle against those guys. Falk is up as an injury replacement, if needed, according to Russo.

Might also interest folks who haven't heard that the Wild picked up Patrick O'Sullivan off waivers from Carolina yesterday. If you've been around a few years, you remember what a stud Sully was for the Aeros in 05-06 as a rookie with 93 points. Since then, however, his career hasn't really lived up to expectations.

The current plan is for him to start with the Wild, which he will do tonight as #19, but certainly he seems to be looked at as a temporary fix for the loss of Guillaume Latendresse to hip and sports hernia surgery.

There's always a chance he could get waived down to Houston if things don't work out up there or the needs change. He's on a 2-way deal and would only have to pass through waivers.

Tonight, the Aeros are in Cedar Park and sit two spots ahead of the Stars, but the Stars have 4 games in hand. So it's important for the Aeros to keep the pedal to the floor on this team, particularly while ubergoalie Brent Krahn is out with an undisclosed lower body injury.

Then they're back home Friday and Saturday vs. San Antonio and Milwaukee respectively.

If we don't post again before tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving! I know I'll be giving a word of thanks for the Aeros being out of the basement. So much more fun to cover a happy team! Heck, it's just a lot more fun to watch a happy team.

Anyway, be well and safe travels to anybody hitting the roads.


Forecheck said...

Welcome back Sully!

Hopefully he can find his game again. Maybe being traded for an over-the-hill Slovak was a bit too much for him.

B2Bomber said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well.
I'll be watching tonight's game on AHL. sorta live. Seems that there's been some glitches as of late.
I'll check box scores on the Wild game to see if Kassian gets any fighting majors.