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Friday, November 5, 2010

Aeros 3, Toronto 2 (SO) - View from the Press Box

These Aeros sure do know how to entertain, eh?

The first period was their best first period (at home) of the season and I thought it was going to be a 5-1 win going away. Not so fast.

The second period was even, but that is when you started to see that Toronto was clawing its way back in the game. Instead of the Aeros going for the kill, the Marlies took it up a notch and the Aeros were unable to match.

The third period was a wreck, just as third periods have been a wreck at home for the first part of the season.
The tying goal was a fluke, but Anton was the only reason the Marlies did not pick up two points in regulation.

I don't think I am the only one that has figured out the team just does not have a whole lot of team speed. But I was concerned that conditioning may have been a factor, so I asked Mike Yeo about that right after the game.

“This is not a conditioning thing. If there was a team that should have been tired coming into the third period, it was them. I know the conditioning with our guys is not an issue. It’s a mental thing. You can’t get comfortable. It’s not an easy thing to build. It takes time, and that is what winners do.

When you get up by two goals, you have to come with more urgency and you have to expect the other team is going to make a push. You have to be ready to be ready to match that desperation and you have to be committed to playing the same way."

To me, that was the key. When Toronto made its move, the Aeros didn't match and it cost them down the stretch.

Now what I do know is Mark Lemelin did not have a good night ... game got out of hand and Anton saved the day. He is the only reason the team went home happy Friday night.

I asked Yeo if Anton was the difference.

"Clearly he was the difference. Especially on some of those late penalty kills. He was huge for us. He really shut the door for us and his play in the shootout was awfully big"

Enough said.


Forecheck said...

Hail of bullets :

1) That was some first period by the Aeros, huh?

2) That was (ahem) some third period (ahem) by the Aeros, huh?

3) I too thought the Aeros looked out of shape. EVERYONE was dragging in the third, but the Marlies were getting stronger. Inexcuseable as the Aeros had nearly a week off. Are more Herbies needed at the end of practice?

"I don't think I am the only one that has figured out the team just does not have a whole lot of team speed."

You and about 6,000 other people.

4) I spent the early part of the game watching Max closely, trying to find out what injury he might have, figuring an injury that keeps one from a blistering slap shot would likely show up elsewhere as well. After a couple of shifts, I decided I couldn’t see anything wrong. My observations were confirmed five minutes in. Welcome home, Max!

5) Broda has one heck of a shot,too. I’m liking this kid more and more. Too bad there isn’t anyone to set up that shot around here.

6) Definitely some interesting rules interpretations by Lemelin. But this is the AHL. ‘Nuff said.

7) Marco Scandella – also ‘nuff said.

8) Composure, or the lack thereof. I’m not sure Yeo can be happy with what he saw near the end of the game.

9) Also in the “what the heck” department, what the heck is wrong with the Aeros sticks this season? They must have broken six in the game tonight, and that’s not a lot more than in Sunday’s game. Note to the equipment manager – quit buying sticks at the Target sporting goods department and order them directly from Reebok or CCM.

10) Anton – a lot of great work negated by a bad goal (the first). Second goal couldn’t have been stopped by Roy himself.

11) The AD’s tossing shirts while the puck is in play is distracting to those watching the game. I assume it will stop when someone gets a puck in the noggin because they have their back turned to the ice in order to get a $5 piece of cotton.

12) Some of those kids in the first intermission should get an ATO – they can put the puck in the net.

13) It’s good to know at least someone, somewhere, is worse at what you do than you are. After watching 65+ minutes of hockey, I’m not sure how this applies in the Western Conference of the AHL right now. I think there was plenty of evidence presented tonight why these two teams are where they are.

Forecheck said...

One other thing that just occured to me - have Rau or Zingoni even played this season? They seem to be perpetual scratches, like Whatshisname last season (you know, the guy who was supposed to be our scorer last season).

Hopefully they are not destined to be re-runs of Brandon!

artandhockey said...

@Forecheck.. we have noticed too, that Rau is not much in evidence these weeks. And they gave him a two year contract. Is the problem the new system?

Alas, we have been unable to go to the games lately, and will not until the end of this month, so listening to 'The voice of the Aeros' is our option and he does it well, does Joe!

Too bad that Zingoni is still on the injured list, as he was most of last season. Must be very frustrating for him.

re Beaudoin, yes, indeed he is doing rather well, 16 pts as of Nov 5.

So what WILL happen to Minnie's favorite (listening to Goalie coach Mason) Hackett?

Ms. Conduct said...

Rau is injured, not a healthy scratch. In fact, everyone out last night was an injured scratch, IIRC.

B2Bomber said...

I also felt like the Aero's pulled one out of a two ass-ed donkey. They really came out flat in the third and thought Toronto was going to go away with the 2 points. They stayed way to long in their own zone and were losing battles along the boards badly. I got to thinking on the way home and couldn't remember them winning a single face off in the third period but they might have done so.

Agreed, Anton should have gotten the #1 star in my book and I was disappointed when he didn't get any recognition for his efforts.

That was quite a shoot out. There were some great moves out there to make shots. I hope the guys do well tonight.