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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pictures from Peoria

Thanks to Chris "Spapeggy and Meatballs" Jerina, we've got pictures from "the bad game" this weekend. But hey, pictures are pictures. I'll just jump in here with my favorites:

I love this one of Cody Almond backwards face-washing the pursuing Riverman

Here's Anton in the controversial "vertical-horizontal stance" in which the first goal went in. Though from here, I don't see how it went in.

Anton makes a save. You can see his new pads. Sharp.

Kris Fredheim, who really hasn't gotten as much credit as he probably deserves for being a solid stay at home d-man, rips a shot off.

Carson "The Finisher" McMillan puts a Riv into the boards

You can see the rest of the pictures here. Many many thanks to Chris and his lovely gal Michelle for making the trek to Peoria!


artandhockey said...

Great shots of 'MacAttack' McMillan et al! Kudos to Jerina for sharing with us!

Forecheck said...

OK, I missed the game Saturday. How bad was bad? I trust I don't need to watch it on AHLlive tonight?

alw02 said...

This years Aeros are a lot more fun to watch (win or lose) then in past years.

Ms. Conduct said...

I agree with you at least over last year. They remind me more of the Locke/Kolanos year in terms of entertainment value and maybe even consistency.

It would be more entertaining (and effective) if certain players who aren't giving 100% (and maybe for good reason... it's amazing what players will battle through, but sometimes look like crap doing it) would step it up and play like their heart's in it.

Is it weird that KC's first season is still my favorite team in the last 5 years? Probably. Heck, I still pine for Paul Albers occasionally. :)

Ms. Conduct said...

And by consistency, I mean "lack of."

Chris Jerina said...

Forecheck, the game wasn't bad. Aeros had possession the majority of the game, but couldn't get it in the net.

Not worth watching though really.