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Monday, November 29, 2010

Farewell (for now) Brock McBride

Every now and again, we get surprised with something.
As Craig Biggio used to say over and over and over about baseball ... "that's hockey."

To me, the best part about getting to cover the team, is the surprises that pop up every now and again.
I am a pretty emotional dude, and yes, there have been times when I've teared up during a great comeback or when the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Anton after that playoff win two years ago.

To me, the first big surprise of the season is how well Brock McBride filled in during his month-long stint with the Aeros. He was sent back to Elmira and played in Sunday's 6-2 loss to Florida (link includes some decent pics of Brock in the game), but while in Houston, filling in for Zingoni and all the other guys that have been called up, he notched six points (three goals, three assists) in 16 games.

The 5'10" f0rward played for St. Lawrence University and, more recently, in the AHL with Syracuse and Hartford.

I was impressed with his tenacity and overall offensive awareness. That goal he score in Friday's loss to San Antonio was a beaut .... He held his own up here, and I wish him nothing but the best.

I think he will be back in the AHL before too long, but I don't know that we'll see him again in Houston. With how well he played for the Aeros, he may get snatched up before his services are needed here.


artandhockey said...

Yes, he was a real pleasant surprise and addition. He did remind some of us (incl. Khudobin) of John Lammers that was (btw he skated with Lammers in Alaska).. Wishing him well.. and hope to see him back here? soon? Next season?

While on the subject of surprise...
Better Half and I have a query to the experts in the know: why was Noreau never recalled to the Wild?
I mean, there went Almond, Scandella, NOW even defenseman Spurgeon....
While Noreau, a good, AND ALSO scoring defense man, still stays in Houston after showing what he CAN and DID do?
And his age or size cannot be the reason, since THE KID Spurgeon just turned 21,too, and is one of the short players this season, only JM Daoust is shorter by one inch!
Anyway, just curious!
Does anyone have an idea why?

Ms. Conduct said...

I didn't see Noreau's one game last year but from what Russo has relayed, Max's nerves REALLY showed.

Also, as unfair as it seems sometimes, guys who were drafted AND are showing they are capable, will almost always get first dibs on call-ups.

artandhockey said...

P.S. Just read Russo..
and he alleges that Noreu had pre-game nerves the one time he was called up.
So, sorry, I did not remember that he DID have one call up some time ago.
@Ms Conduct, so since Noreau was not a draftee even, though he did vefry well, his chances for call ups are lessened?
Hmm.. INTERESTING! Meanwhile, falling behind in reading AEROS news..while suntanning poolside in HOT San Antonio sipping a lovely RED! :D

Forecheck said...

Things must be going really well in Aeroville if McBride got sent down (somehow, I don't think so).

Not quite a Matt Beaudoin or JM Daoust find, but I think he's a steady AHL player.

B2Bomber said...

I liked McBride's spunk and tenacity. I hope that he might have the opportunity to return one day.

Anonymous said...

McBride is coming back to Houston