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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Split weekend in Peoria

So, I posted these tweets this afternoon as I was preparing for the Aeros second game in as many days against Peoria:

Well, Jake Allen finally looked not only human but rookie human (and was pulled for Ben Bishop after the 4th goal), and the Aeros found their goal sticks during the second period and converted on a bunch of those "almost" chances for a 5-2 win. You're welcome for the reverse karma.

This would be a feat in and of itself, as all the goals were scored in the second period (and I mean ALL the goals, for both teams) and it was the best period for the Aeros this season. Further, it was the largest margin of victory for the Aeros since they beat OKC 6-1 in the first game of the season.

But it's even bigger after Peoria shut the Aeros out Saturday 3-0. I can't comment on that game too much because I only saw part of it before I had to go practice my own lousy goaltending. What I saw, the effort seemed to be there, just not the finish. However, our friend Chris Jerina was there and has pictures for us! I'll put them in a separate post after I finish this. There are some nice ones.

The camera loves Kris Fredheim. Just sayin'.

Anyway, lots of guys got points tonight. Noreau took home the first star for his goal and 2 assists. McMillan and Spurgeon both got a goal and assist each (first pro goal for Spurgeon). You can see the rest of the score sheet here.

Interestingly, Peters and McMillan got a goal EXACTLY like they did a few games ago at home. Beautiful 2 on 1 rush while shorthanded, a pass from Peters, and McMillan just gets a stick on it and pots it. Really nice.

Another notable: The Aeros are second in the league on the Penalty Kill, trailing only OKC.

Anyway, a nice one for the Aeros as they head home for their first meeting with Chicago this season. I think you can pretty much set your watch to the Aeros getting a point if they score first.

Enough words. Let's look at pictures.... coming up...

(Here's the article from my colleague at PHN, with a couple of pics.)


artandhockey said...

Yeah, and Yippee for Daoust.. still 'the scrapper' eh?
Or as they do in old Mexico OLE!

Forecheck said...

Six points in 5 games on the road isn't bad, but I hate giving up those 5 points in OT . That could come back to bite us.

Forecheck said...

I think you can pretty much set your watch to the Aeros getting a point if they score first.

Well, depending on how your definition of "point", they will get a point, and maybe three, if they score first...

Shaun Bill said...

check out ProHockeyNews.com for my article ont he game (and a couple more pics)

alw02 said...

I am struck by how much we look like last years team in the offense zone when Earl is in Minn.

CatTrick said...

OK, I'll probably offend someone by the mere mention of his name (but I'll mention it anyway ... ), former Aero Corey Locke is leading the league in points. GO COREY!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, tell your boy to play some D while he's at it. My Brusty's getting his ass handed to him by the sorry Bingo defense! :)