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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shhhh... be vewy vewy quiet... we're hunting wins.... (UPDATED)

The Aeros won their 4th in a row tonight in Oklahoma City with a 4-2 final. I almost don't want to draw anyone's attention to it for fear of scaring the streak off... or at least for fear of scaring off whatever is making it happen.

I didn't get to watch the game and the archive isn't available yet, but clearly Jarod Palmer is settling in nicely now. He got assists on the first two goals and then scored the game winner on the power play, his first goal of the season. An awfully big game for his young pro career. All this after turning Juicy Rynnas inside out in the shootout Friday night.

Also worth noting, Palmer is +5, the best +/- on the team. At the bottom? DiSalvatore and Bagnall both a -6.

Earl got the insurance goal tonight and now he and Palmer lead the team in scoring. Carson McMillan continues to produce as well, scoring the second goal of the night. Noreau continues his 3 game point streak with the assist on Earl's goal.

And congrats to Brock McBride, who got the first goal of the game and is clearly busting his hump trying to stick here. Guy plays hard, so it's good to see him rewarded.

There was lots of bellyaching Friday night about how the Aeros won in spite of themselves. Not sure how tonight's game compared in that regard but reading the OKC paper, it sounds like the Barons weren't thrilled with the way they played. So I dunno if it was a matter of OKC giving it away or the Aeros just being hot right now.

Either way, a dubya's a dubya, the Aeros are out of the division basement (Texas and Rockford are below them now), and away they go to Abby for games Monday and Tuesday night.

BTW, I'm not sure if they're joining the team (dunno why they wouldn't unless there's a passport issue or something), but Cody Almond and Matt Kassian were reassigned to Houston after tonight's Wild game in Columbus. If the guys they're replacing aren't better when they return from a 4 day break, they (or someone) could go back up.


Watching the archive now. Just figured I'd describe the goals.

HOU1 - Barons turn it over in Houston's end and Palmer's pass up ice catches McBride on a "jailbreak" as Joe called it. Great description. He was just hauling up the ice and went right to the net with two Barons trailing. Beauty.

HOU2 - Palmer rims it around to Kalus as the Aeros enter the offensive zone. Kalus works it down behind the net and makes a quick pass from the edge of the net to McMillan who's just waiting in the weeds and one-times it over Deslauriers, who can't react in time.

OKC1 - Bad camera angle, but sounds like OKC won a face off in the Aeros end and passed up to the point who just ripped it past Khudobin.

HOU3 - :36 into the third period, on a 5 on 4 PP, Daoust skates in on Deslauriers and takes a shot that hits JDD's pad but he can't control the rebound. Palmer gets a stick on it in the scramble and punches it in.

HOU4 - Similar to the Palmer goal, Peters was behind the net and passes it out front where Earl is parked weak side and just slams it home.

OKC2 - And because it was working for Houston, OKC finally got the same kind of goal. One timer into the low slot that just got jammed in past Anton in a scramble.


Forecheck said...

The pattern of a hot first and a less than impressive second continued. Fortunately, the guys figured out how not to crash and burn in the third.

Anonymous said...

I like sadcore, un-hollywood-like film endings and hockey teams in loosing streaks. The beauty of life only becomes apparent when you're down and out. I'm not very happy at the moment.

Ms. Conduct said...

I know it's early in the season but we now have a candidate for comment of the year. I totally LOL'd.

Forecheck said...

Rockford lost, so we have passed Rockford and Texas and are tied for fourth,fifth, and sixth.

Word verification "uncop", which I guess is the same thing as a crimminal.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the ice girls are still not back. That's something to be sad about. Or in your case, happy. Unless of course you don't like the ice girls so you're still not sad and not happy.

GoingForBroke said...

Hey Ms. Conduct, I'd be curious to see what you thought about the Kassian goal they waved off last night in the game against Abbotsford. It was called goaltender interference, but the goalie was way out at the face-off dot. Kassian and the team thought the goal should have counted... he got a penalty to add insult to injury. Did you see it?

Anonymous said...

http://www.oilfieldhockey.com is now the Barons' new blog site. The other one you have is defunct.