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Friday, November 26, 2010

11/26/10 -- Aeros v. Rampage -- San Antonio Bulls Over The Aeros

I should write up the game tonight, a 5-3 Aeros loss to the San Antonio Rampage. But I just don't feel like putting in the effort. Kind of like the Aeros tonight, as they really didn't seem to give a damn about putting any effort into the game.

Think I'm being harsh? Well how about this from Mike Yeo: "I was very disappointed in the game. I’m very disappointed with the way we started, and the lack of urgency in our play. We talked about it in the morning about what a great opportunity it was, a great challenge playing against a first place team, and I thought right from the start we were making soft plays. There was no desperation in our game. We were losing every loose puck and battle – every one on one battle. And ultimately we got what we deserved tonight."

And trust me, there's more where that came from. But frankly, my sense of urgency for getting this written is kind of on the same level as the team starting the game. So let's just say the Aeros got the 1-0 lead. Quickly gave it up. They let the Rampage take the 2-1 lead in the second, tied it again, then quickly surrendered the lead. Yeah, it was just one of those nights.

A few quick points:

1. Both of the Aeros goals came on the power play. When's the last time the Aeros only goals in a game came off the power play?

2. Instrumental in both goals was the game's third star, Max Noreau. Noreau set up Casey Wellman for the first goal, then Noreau got the second goal on one of his patented laser shots, of which we've seen far too few of this season.

3. "One of the biggest keys is we’re shooting the puck a lot now," Noreau said of the power play. "We’re not looking for the pretty play all of the time now. It doesn’t have to be a tap-in goal. It could be a point shot with guys in front of the net shot. I’m thinking that’s our bread and butter so far, so just keeping doing that. When teams see that we’re shooting the puck a lot, we’ll try the pretty plays."

4. Mike Yeo wasn't happy with the power play. Then again, Yeo wasn't happy, rightfully, with much in tonight's game.

5. Yeo's not throwing the goalies under the bus. He put some of the problems that Hackett tonight on the play of the defensemen, especially those plays which found Hackett trying to field the puck and getting plays started.

6. "I’m not going to sit here and say Hack played great, that’s for sure," Yeo said. "Probably I think what we’re doing for right now is a game where we don’t play great, but a goalie wins a game for us. But having said that, a lot of the stuff that was happening, especially as far as playing the puck, was on the defensemen more than him. We have a plan for how we’re supposed to retrieve plucks, and that plan wasn’t executed too well. It’s a matter of going back and communicating with your goaltender and wanting the puck is ultimately what it comes down too."

7. What this game was missing tonight was Mitch Love. Or a Mitch Love type player. The team was down and not exerting much effort. The crowd was down, stuffed with too much turkey. This was the type of game that, when Love was here, sensing the lack of energy amongst the team and crowd, that Love would go out and get some action started that would ignite the team and the crowd.

8. Cal Clutterbuck was also good in this role in his one season with the Aeros. Clutterbuck had an ability to level a hit that would get the crowd and the team engaged in the game.

9. No video tonight. This game didn't deserve one.


Forecheck said...

 The Rampage have a scary good team, particularly on offense. Their defense was maybe average or a tad better. But it shows what you can get when the ownership decides to , ah, actually spend money on the team.

 Our guys apparently played somewhat better than Wednesday (or at least the first period Wednesday, which was all I watched) , but somewhat better doesn’t cut it when the opposition is a lot better.

 What’s happened with the goaltending lately, eh? Hackett looked pretty weak on a couple of those. Anton was awful Wednesday.

 Or the PK?

 Or the defense?

 Or Dauost? He has been playing, right? Seems he hasn’t scored in at least ten games. At least he’s been real quiet the last couple of weeks.

 For that matter, where was the desire? It’s like they quit playing after SA scored.

 Was Scandella hurt? He didn’t finish the game…that would be all we need right now.

 What sin did the Aeros commit against the hockey gods to warrant so many Koarskis lately??? Maybe we should sacrifice a chicken in the pregame ceremonies Saturday.

5) I think you can say then that the defense is throwing the goalies under the bus, which would be reasonably correct.

7) At least we get Kass back. Not so much that crowd was down and stuffed with turkey last night, but that the crowd was watching a team that looked like it had too much too eat and spent too much time on the couch and was thus playing like a turkey.

artandhockey said...

Re nr 6... Yeo has not seemed happy with any play in regular
season, after his initial bubbly euphoric utterances!
I, for one, sensed improvement in PP .. less of that 'pretty please pass the puck 'round ' habit of recent games (actually seen by us!
Self Critique is good, but too much and one thinks the KC time is back!

Forecheck said...

Well, I checked - Daoust did score a goal Wednesday late. Not that it mattered by then.

B2Bomber said...

I, too, thought the team was floundering last night. They did manage to scroe some goals BUT for the most part were skating without any sense of urgency. Maybe tonight they'll give a damn and show up to play.