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Monday, June 15, 2009

Wild hire head coach, fire Aeros GM

Russo is reporting that Todd Richards has been offered the Wild's head coaching job, to pretty much nobody's surprise. The team announced they will be introducing the new coach Tuesday at noon in Minnesota.

Richards was the coach of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (and took them to the Calder Cup Finals last season) when the Wild's new general manager, Chuck Fletcher, was the GM of the WB/S Penguins. So they have a good relationship already.

Richards' style is billed as up-tempo, go-go-go, which will probably blow the minds of most anybody whose been watching the Wild and the suffocating defensive style Jacques Lemaire brought to the table. (Then again, how much go-go-go talent was he provided by the organization? And how much will Richards really have to work with?)

The first bit of fallout from this was the firing of Tom Lynn, Wild assistant GM and GM of the Aeros. He was basically, along with the coaching staff in Houston (particularly Troy Ward), the architect of the Aeros, so his departure means the trickle-down effect will likely keep rolling ever closer to Houston.

Nothing has been said yet about what is to become of Kevin Constantine and his staff. Some conjecture is that his style is too defensive and won't prepare the kids here for Richards' style. I tend to disagree with that perspective, however, as I think the tools KC is giving these guys translate into any system. Every hockey player needs to be detail-oriented and defensively responsible. If you watched the Stanley Cup Finals the last couple of weeks, that was clear, right?

Things should start to shake out pretty quickly now. The entry draft is less than 2 weeks away and free agency is right on its heels, so AHL ringer types of guys should start getting signed and we can start to see the team unfold. Of course, Tom Lynn's replacement will drive that aspect of the signings, so that hiring is one we'll be keeping a close eye on and keep you posted.

Exciting times for the Wild organization, top to bottom.


B2 Bomber said...

Hmm....looks like things can get a bit interesting in the next couple of weeks.

Josh said...

As long as no Daum Return I am happy. I hate him strongly as a coach

buddhafisch said...

I don't have the experience with Lynn that all you Houston folks do, but I say "Good Riddance" to Mr. Lynn. That guy is a grade A jackass.

Ms. Conduct said...

I certainly understand the reputation he got and it was probably pretty well deserved, particularly on the negotiation and hard ball side of the business, but he was around a lot at the end of the season/playoffs and he couldn't have been more pleasant and approachable and candid.

Daum has been signed on for another season in Springfield, so he's their four letter word for a while longer.

Fred Trask said...

Sorry to see Tom Lynn go. Say what you want about the big club, I thought he did a good job with the Aeros. All of my dealings with him him were great. He always answered all my questions and followed through on everything he promised.

Forecheck said...

I wasn't happy with Lynn, other than I thought that maybe he was starting to "get it" this season. I think he had a lot to do with the Aeros being a mediocre to poor team the last several years.

I feel sorry for KC that he didn't get the call, but it's still early in Silly Season and hopefully he will get another shot at the NHL this summer.

Stylecoach said...

Maybe he is like what you judge on him but we cannot blame him. Maybe he do that for the respect. So for the new coach, keep up the good work sir...