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Friday, June 5, 2009

2009-2010 Aeros Roster

We'll keep this page updated through the summer as guys are signed or sign elsewhere, so by season's start (which is earlier than last year, apparently) we'll have fairly accurate picture of the core of the team.

UNDER CONTRACT (aka Your 2009-2010 Houston Aeros)

  • Morten Madsen - One more year on his deal with the Wild before he's a RFA (restricted free agent, which means essentially that his current team--the Minnesota Wild--will have right of first refusal at the end of next season).
  • Matt Kassian - One year on his deal before he's an RFA.
  • Cody Almond - As he just signed a few weeks ago, he's got all three years of his entry level contract to play out. It's doubtful that he makes the big club, so expect to see him as an Aero.
  • Carson McMillan - Like Almond, is just getting done with his Major Junior career and has his full entry level contract remaining. Again, expect him to be an Aero.
  • Brian Kaufman - One year AHL deal with the Aeros.
  • Colton Gillies - Some mention has been made that now that he's AHL-aged, they might start him in Houston this season to get him more playing time and more seasoning. I think it would be a great thing for him, if a bit of an ego hit... Anyway, he's got two years left on his entry deal.
  • Petr Kalus - According to Mike Russo, Kalus is coming back this season, presumably in hopes of making a Minnesota team that promises a system more suited to his "offensive" style. He's got one year left on his contract with the Wild.
  • Benoit Pouliot - Could stick with the big club out of camp but will have to earn it this time.
  • Danny Irmen - Expect to see him in Houston when the season starts
  • Robbie Earl - See above ... lightning speed.
  • Jon DiSalvatore - Free agent, signed July 17
  • Pete Zingoni - Free agent, signed July 17
  • Duncan Milroy - Free agent, signed July 17
  • Nathan Smith - Free agent, signed July 22
  • Brandon Buck - AHL, Free agent, signed July 22
  • JP Testwuide

  • Justin Falk - Two years left on his contract, so we'll see him. I don't think he'll be ready to make the big club next season, so expect him to be a critical piece of the Aeros blue line next season.
  • Max Noreau - Two years left on his contract and similar to Falker, I don't see him making the big club yet. He had an amazing year not just by Aeros standards, but league-wide he was one of the best offensive defensemen, but another year to build confidence and improve his defensive play in the minors is probably in the offing.
  • Brandon Rogers - One year left on his contract before he's a UFA (unrestricted free agent). UFA contract years are a big thing for these guys as they're playing for their next contract, either with this team or, more likely, with other teams.
  • Jamie Fraser - 2009 free agent signing
  • Jamie Sifers - 2009 free agent signing
  • Clayton Stoner
  • Ryan Lannon - Free agent signed July 22
  • Ryan Gunderson - AHL contract
  • Wade Dubielewicz - Has a 2 way deal and if Harding gets traded without a goalie in return, he'll be #2 in Minnesota
  • Barry Brust - Brusty has a year on his contract and then he's a UFA. As with Rogers, this is a big year for him to stay healthy and be consistent.
  • Anton Khudobin - Dimples is in the final year of his entry level contract before he becomes an RFA.

Unrestricted Free Agents
These guys can go and do whatever the hell they want. Unless they have a particular affinity for Houston or this coaching staff and/or don't get any better offers, I would wave goodbye as they'll be looking to go where they think they have the best chance at earning an NHL spot.

Nolan Schaefer - Signed with CSKA in Russia
Thomas Mojzis - Has signed with a club in Europe
Corey Locke - Has signed with the NY Rangers organization
Krys Kolanos - Has signed with Philadelphia Flyers organization
Jesse Schultz
Bryan Lundbohm
Marco Rosa - Has signed with Manitoba Moose
Peter Olvecky - Signed with Nashville Preds organization
Mitch Love - Signed with Peoria Rivermen
Matt Beaudoin - Signed with Texas Stars


"Dave Schultz" said...

I would love Stoner to get to the big show. But then I'd miss your updates on him :)

Riley Emmerson is still playing hockey? srsly. ugh.

Josh Lister said...

I think we might see at least one of the blonde duo back. Although I am not saying wich one because yes even though LYNN is OUR GM its Chuck Fletcher's Decision because he is more offensive minded than DR & Lynn

John Royal said...

I don't see how Lynn being the GM is a detriment because, after all, it was Lynn who went out last year and brought in Kolanos, Locke, and Schultz.

Ms. Conduct said...

Agreed, John. Of late, I feel like Lynn's decisions around the team have been very astute. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm even okay with the Hamilton/Earl trade at this point.

beware the bear(s) said...

A very definite BIG YES to: Beaudoin, Love, Khudobin, Brust, Rogers, Madsen, Noreau, Testwuide, Adams, Kassian, Falk, Crowley, Earl, and the new guys such as Almond etc.
As for Locke, Schultz and Irmen, don't let them get away, if possible.
And what about Rosa? He's rather good in face offs.
Pouliot is a speedy skater, but his passing needs work, I feel.
Stoner, Kolanos, Schaefer, Olvecky moving UP (North?), yes, can see that and wish them well.
Ryznar, Albers, Lundbohm those are my question marks, and maybe Mojzis?
But by golly, don't let all the
g o o d players get away.
Not only was last season a nail biter, seems the summer will bode so, too..who will be back?

BTW, big thanks to Ms. Conduct on the heads up... waiting for final developments with baited breath.

Josh Lister said...

The blond Duo is Locke & Kolanos I know which one heather wants AWW Shucks. IF Lynn Looses them Fletcher minny's GM can reel them in at the Last Second Locke is UFA IV Which I have no clue what the IV means?

Ms. Conduct said...

Meh, as long as we get a few guys in who can score, I don't care if it's Locke or Kolanos or Jason Krog.

I can't believe I forgot Rosy!!! Thank you, BtB. Who else am I missing?

beware the bear(s) said...

Ms. C. you are allowed an occasional lapse, since you are so good other times...;)

Forecheck said...

What's somewhat scary is the thought that all these people you mentioned we might be losing were the big contributors on a team that was overall rather mediocre during the regular season (15th out of 29 in the league, it doesn't get more mediocre than that....).

Plus the coach is, we think , moving on.

Shuffle the deck, toss the cards in the air, then deal 'em. We'll find out in the fall if we got a pair of deuces ir a royal flush.

Snikpip said...

"...pair of deuces or a royal flush."

John, you starting a bathroom blog?!?

AerosFan said...

Really? serously?
Beaudoin, Locke and Kolanos are our lead scorers.
if we lose them, the Aeros are nothing.
When Beaudoin,Locke and Kolanos started playing, the whole team had a total turnaround.

especially Beaudoin: I wont even go to the games if he's not in the roster--He's a perfect hockey player, he's determined, works hard, makes goals and is super hot.

Forecheck said...

It also depends upon how Leopold wants to run this team. Is he going to be a tight wad like Minnysota's previous ownership? Or is he going to spend money (in a recession) on both the Wild and the farm?

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, Milwaukee used to be his farm team. Seems like they're stocked similarly to the Aeros, but I dunno about historically.

Josh said...

hey don't forget about Jason Deitch who was in fort worth Playing the Brahamas He was the MVP there so don't forget about him

beware the bear(s) said...

you and I, plus Better Half, are on very much the same wavelength re Beaudoin....now, why is it that he seems to have been overlooked a lot, until just lately? Not flashy enough I guess, for some 'fans'?

As soon as I saw him play waayy baack when, deep down I just knew this guy had a feel for the game, plus speed, plus consistency, plus reliability, plus, the most important thing a player can have, HEART and WILL... well, you, too said it!
Someone really ought to make sure he' ll come back to be the core of another GO AEROS team!

Anonymous said...

Paul Albers had a broken bone in his foot that just wouldn't heal. It's amazing that he played as many games as he did.

Ms. Conduct said...

Thanks for the heads up on Alby. Bet he broke his foot blocking a shot. You'd think the goalie gods would take better care of him as his reward for playing like he does...

Hopefully he and Brusty both will get their broken feet healed up in the offseason and be good to go.

Forecheck said...

Madsen, Kalus, and Voloshenko - Why bother?

Re: Princess, Constantine must have been told to be patient with him. Frankly, I would have sent him to his room without his supper several times by now.

Kolanos - Please, please, please,please,please,plaease,please (have I made my point?).

Beaudoin - See Kolanos.

JChipley said...

I don't like that the wild are just giving away our best scorers. If Corey Locke had stayed here, he could have good potential to get called up and do some good in Minnesota. As for the GM, that's just being a jerk. That man had worked long and hard for this team and does'nt deserve to be laid off, and much less on a long-distance call. I'm not too excites about the next season, because there is no chance whatsoever that we're going to get as far as last year.

Anonymous said...

I hope they find a way to sign Tony Hrkac. He was great last year.