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Friday, June 19, 2009

Oilers make it official: Daum stays in Springfield

Rob Daum, who took over for a very bad Springfield team last year, led the Falcons to a respectable 7-16-5 down the stretch.

For those efforts -- and that fact that he got backing from several Oilers prospects after changing things up a bit -- he will return for the 2009-10 season.

Here is the article from the Edmonton Sun.

No matter what you think of the job Daum did in Houston, he did not really get a fair shake in 2006-07. The team that year lost several players (including Wyatt Smith) very early in the year to NHL callups, but still competed for a playoff spot into the New Year. They were at or one game below .500 when Josh Harding was called up for the rest of the year leaving Miroslav Kopriva and Tony Quesada to mind the nets.

No coach wins with the team he had from mid-February on.

Mr. Daum, good luck in Springfield and here's to hoping the schedule maker gets an Aeros/Falcons matchup for 2009-10. I know it won't happen, but who knows?


Ms. Conduct said...

Hmm, I need SOMEONE to blame for that season scarring me for life. I like Lynn too much for it to be him, but I guess it probably is on him. Or lack of a good AGM down there like Ward has been, to get in some support from elsewhere in the league.

You have to hand it to the current bunch for their resourcefulness this season, right? I mean, no offense to Centomo and Munce but how much shorter would the run have been without them getting Climie in? Or Hrkac. Or Beaudoin.

Josh said...

OH please Andrew KC & his staff are A Better qualified we would have at the least gotten out of the cellar besides Daum has NO HEART NO PASSION

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

No Mr. Josh, you are 1000 times wrong here. I am not saying that Rob did not have his faults ... who doesn't. My point here is no coach gets into the playoffs with the final roster that team had.

The goalies were Kopriva and Quesada, and the defense in front of them did not help. Repeat that. The goalies were Kopriva and Quesada.

As for your No Heart/Passion comment, that is opinion. And you are entitled to it for sure.

JOSH said...

64 points the entire season he was at like 30 around the new year minny didn't want to fund him a better goalie. KC & his staff would have found A goalie hmm there was down in Beumont I do believe his name was Taylor Daum got himself into that position He made his bed he had to lie in it. Minny said it themselves the team at the time didn't DESERVE to have Harding Return

Forecheck said...

Daum is a good, honorable man.

He was great as coach when he had a loaded team that more or less ran itself.

The second year was problematic in terms of talent level and the behavior of, ah, certain players no longer in the game. Still, Daum let things go from bad to out of control. Maybe it was due to his lack of experience coaching pro athletes. And maybe lack of support from the GM level. There clearly should have been some public executions that year but that didn't happen.

artsnhockey said...

Or so many others who came through for the team.