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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wild Draft Action Day 1; Kalus is back

The NHL entry draft started tonight with Round 1. Minnesota had the 12th overall pick but traded down with the Islanders for the 16th and a 3rd and 7th rounder.

Great move to trade down and get a third as the previous regime had traded away both the second and third round picks in this draft. We'll see tomorrow what they do with those (starting at 9 a.m. on the NHL Network).

With the 16th pick, the Wild picked puck-moving defenseman and Minnesota native Nick Leddy. Apparently head scout Tom Thompson loves the kid. Better be for good cause, because the Wild system needs to be developing scorers like nobody's business. But there's always free agency.

Leddy will be attending the University of Minnesota, so he'll be close at hand for the team as he develops through his college years.

In other news, Russo is reporting that Petr Kalus is returning to play for the Wild next season and will be at development camp in July. Presumably the new system the Wild is promising appeals to his hockey sensibilities better than Lemaire's system, but nothing is changing in Houston, so if he doesn't make the big club, does he bail for Europe again? We'll see!

Back on tomorrow with the remainder of the Wild's picks, who are more likely to spend more time developing in Houston than the first rounder.


AeroFinn said...

Finland vs Sweden 2-1 (Wild Draft Picks)

I'm happy.

Jere Sallinen (Fin) Espoo Blues 163rd

Two roommates from Shattuck St. Mary's High School, Minnesota:
Alexander Fallström RW (Swe) 116th
Erik Haula LW (Fin) 182nd

I wonder how they get along?

Ms. Conduct said...

Got any info on Sallinen?

AeroFinn said...

Jere Sallinen only managed 9 games for the Espoo Blues Juniors last season because of a back injury. He was supposed to play at least another year of junior but with the financial trouble in Espoo(they let all their senior players go - basically anybody making some kind of $$$), he will probably get a good chance to try it out on the top level next year. He made his SM-Liiga debut already during the 2007-08 season. Has an aggressive style for a Finn. In the U18 WC 2008 he got into fight with Sweden's Anton Mylläri after taking somebody called Victor Hedman out of the game (he did not return) with a hard tackle. Sounds like they shouldn't put him in the same room with Alexander Fallström if they ever make it to Houston.

AeroFinn said...

Well the goalielovers here have probably noticed that the first goalie taken in this years draft was a Finn (Mikko Koskinen NYI 31st). Same goes to the last selection in this year's draft: Petteri Similä G Kärpät Oulu Jr. He is the backup goalie for the "A-Juniors". The hype over Finland as a "goalie factory" does not seem to peter out. Now it's enough to be tall and a Finn to get drafted...:-)
Who knows though, apparently Pekka Rinne got drafted even though the Predator scout only saw him in a warm-up. Niklas Bäckström didn't give him much of a chance to play. Turned out to be a good gamble at 258th overall.

Ms. Conduct said...

Ohh, a mean streak. I like that! Assuming he doesn't beat up his own teammates.

AeroFinn said...

Also the links you have here for the other blogs are brilliant.
Some recognition here for the Finnish goalie factory:

Btw Ms.Conduct, do you remember any teammate vs teammate fights in an actual NHL/AHL game? Just wondering whether that has ever happened. I remember few silly teammate vs teammate fisticuffs in "latin" football (for example this one from English premiership http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFLeTm46CqQ ) but can't recall one in "live" hockey. I could probably name a few teammates fighting more or less seriously in training, but you never know how "real" that is...

Ms. Conduct said...

I've heard of hockey guys getting in scuffles in practice, but never during a game.

Snikpip said...
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Snikpip said...

'07-'08 pre-season Red vs. Green scrimmage at the Aerodrome (my memory needs a shave; it's so fuzzy) Shawn Belle and Marco Rosa got into a minor scrape/major tussle. Didn't last long, but the tempers were hot.

AeroFinn said...

Practice/training teammate fights in hockey are not that uncommon:


I remember reading about one of the hockey fights in this top 10 sports teammate fights video.

Still wondering whether this has actually happened in an official match.
Not that keen on fighting (well at least not "show-fights") but would be just interesting to know
what the reaction from the referee would be? 5 on 3 powerplay for the other team? Better not send them
to the same dressing room :-)
In the case of that English premiership match (#10 in this video), both of the guys got red carded (sent off)and their team had to play with 9 men against 11 until the end.

Forecheck said...

{ Petr Kalus is returning to play for the Wild next season and will be at development camp in July}

Why bother?