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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A.S.S.: Men of their word

Sorry I've been so slow posting about this. I can't blame anything but sheer laziness and dead camera batteries.

Anyway, as you may recall, we had a bit of a wager on with our pals over at the Milwaukee blog, Admirals Short Shifts over the Milwaukee series, which the Aeros won in inspiring fashion.

The AHL season wasn't even over before the boys at A.S.S. ponied up the promised Beer Cheese Soup, media room cookies (though I hope these weren't actually from the media room, but they were still quite good Chocolate White Chocolate Chip cookies), and an Admirals puck autographed by the crew over there.

The tubs had the cookies in them. Those have since been consumed.

The T3I team has yet to duke out the division of assets, but since none of those hosers showed up at the Maple Leaf for Game ? of the Stanley Cup Finals when I brought the box, I claimed the perishables (which actually weren't too bad with the Blue Moon I was swilling).

Anyway, thanks to the boys in Milwaukee for holding up their end of the deal. You're stand-up guys and it was a fun time working with you all to bring great coverage to both our fan bases. And thanks to the Aeros for making sure we got some booty... in the pirate sense of the word, of course.

Don't forget the NHL Entry Draft starts Friday night on Versus and continues Saturday on NHL Network. Future Aeros start right there, folks! Along with free agency, it's as exciting as the off-season gets!


Chris Jerina said...

Cool deal! Good thing you guys didn't send them this (see link below), otherwise they may end up coming up to Milwaukee some time!


:D :D

Ms. Conduct said...


AdmiralsShortShifts said...

Yeah - the actual media room cookies had grown kind of stale. So we got the Bradley Center Catering folks to mix us up a special batch.

Maybe we'll have to do Custard next year!

Chris Jerina said...

A.S.S. can offer Kopps custard, T3I can offer Whattaburger.

Not sure what I'd want more... melted mush custard or a 5-day old lukewarm burger.

Snikpip said...

"So we got the Bradley Center Catering folks to mix us up a special batch."

Just how "special" was that batch? Oops! You already ate them. Maybe not the best time to bring that up. :D

Ms. Conduct said...

Nah, they were fine. No ill effects. :)

Snikpip said...

The effects may be time-released. Keep an eye on your chin. If it starts to look like an ass then you'll know.

AdmiralsShortShifts said...

You shared those cookies with Q-Doba.......right?

I mean...there certainly won't be any side effects...but I hope you gave some to that goalie that kind of destroyed us.

Ms. Conduct said...

No, I can't get our goalies to hang out with me... *sad face*

LOL Snik

artsnhockey said...

What an endorsement of Khudobin ;).. 'kind of destroyed us'...well, I, for one, having 'kinda' rooted for AK from the get-go, LIKE that, a lot! Thanks, I think!