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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My End Of Season Aeros Awards

For the mothership today, I handed out my end of season awards to some of the Aeros, and I give just a glimpse into why it's going to be an eventful off-season. And note, these are just my picks. Andrew, Heather, and Fred had nothing to do with my picks, so don't take it out on them if you don't like what I decided on.

So go over and give it a look. Thanks.


beware the bear(s) said...

Right John... re Beaudoin.. hattrick in an away game, months ahead of KK's here in Houston.

But what about Locke? Played every (I believe he may have missed one?)game, is 2nd in goals and points for the season, right behind Giroux.
He got a 'Texas Hattrick' in an a
All Star Game, which Better Half tells me has never been done before.

So neither of the 2 are 'flashy' players, but effective...and, someone listen out there, we sure want them back!

Ms. Conduct said...

Texas Hat Trick. I LOVE that.

I'd been mulling on some awards, but I didn't want to play it straight and I couldn't get it where it was actually very funny either, so I scrapped it.

However, I do think Falker should get a "most improved" award of some sort.

Ms. Conduct said...

Er, but I meant to add.... otherwise, it was a great (and accurate IMO) read, John. Can't argue with any of it.

Josh said...

I think the MVP should have been 2 players & not 1 The Co-MVPS are Corey Locke & Krys Kolanos

Forecheck said...

I would add in a very close second place most valuable - Kevin constantine. He got much more out of this team, especially in the playoffs, thazn they amounted to on paper.

Next stop, most likely, Minnysohta.

AerosFan said...

he seriously NEEDS to be with the aeros 09-10 season!