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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting to know the enemy: Logan Stephenson

I don't often run across other women who eat, sleep, and breathe hockey like I do, so when I "met" Su Ring, I knew I had found a soul sister. She's an executive producer for a TV station in the Seattle area, which is a hotbed of junior hockey, so she does lots of really excellent interviews with guys in junior but also keeps up with guys who have moved on.

She's the one who brought us Mitch Love's blog this past season. Great story here about how she came to know who Mitch was by singing the National Anthem for his former junior team, the Everett Silvertips.

Anyway, here's a great interview with a name Aeros fans have seen bounce around the league, but mostly from San Antonio, Logan Stephenson. Check it out. For the lazy folks out there, here's where he talks about Mitch and Houston:
KING 5: Mitch Love (former Everett Silvertip and KING 5 Hockey blogger) is playing in Houston because Constantine asked him to. This season, Constantine asked Mitch, who is a defenseman by trade, to play winger and he said "okay." That's gotta be somebody who commands respect, for you to completely change your game.
LS: Absolutely. But you know, Mitch turned into a pretty good winger. We play against them ten times a year almost. In the past 3 years, I think I've played that team almost 37 times. I've seen everything that guy has to offer and he's a pretty good winger. He does his job well.

KING 5: Have you guys ever scrapped?
LS: I don't think I've ever fought Love. I think I've asked him a few times. I think he's asked me a few times, but I don't think we've ever actually gotten into it. I'd have to think back. I don't think so. I told him last year, 'We've gotta get one in us.' But those things, you don't really put much stock in them. If they happen, they happen. He's a great guy. I've got a lot of respect for what he does and who he is but at any time if we need to swing, I think he'd be happy to help me out and vice versa.

KING 5: You're a big guy - 6'3" and Mitch is about 5'11".
LS: "Rocky"(Balboa) was 5'10", 5"11" and he (Mitch) has the same type of head that "Rocky" does, that hard friggin' head that you can't hurt. So, I may have a little size but he's got that rock-hard head.

KING 5: When you were with San Antonio in the AHL, was there any particular team that you enjoyed beating up on?
LS: In the American League it turns a little different. There's no beating up on anybody in the American League. Any given night, anybody can win, just because of the quality of the players. We never really picked on any teams in San Antonio. To be honest, we never really were that successful. But again, I'd have to say Houston. I've got to keep going back to the team that Love is playing with. Houston was probably a team I enjoyed playing the most, because I like their building. The fans were good. Not unbelievable but they're good. I like the building. San Antonio and Houston, that was our closest game and it seems like those were pretty passionate games and pretty aggressive games. I had a lot of fun playing them, too.
Good stuff. Keep up the great work, Su!


artsnhockey said...

I like that "The fans were good!" Considering how few fans show up on weekday nights - we ought to take that as a compliment.
And for sure, a BIG compliment to Aeros coach KC! (.."that's gotta be somebody who commands respect"..).
Keep it up, and us informed on Su Ring, etc.
And I too, enjoyed Mitch Love's blogging.
Any other Aeros blogging somewhere?

Kinda funny to read that 'fights' are mostly staged(from the horse's mouth so to speak), when the fans are so enthralled by them.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

This was an INCREDIBLE posting.

Made my night.

AerosFan said...

aw i miss mitch loves blogging :)
cant wait for aeros 09-10 season!!!!