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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Constantine and Staff to return in 2009-10

Here is the story.

(And an update ... Russo in MSP confirmed with Fletcher on his fantastic blog)


Constantine, 50, said he's talked to Chuck Fletcher, who took over as Wild GM for the departed Doug Risebrough, and the Aeros' coaching staff was lauded by the new boss and welcomed back for 2009-10.

"I am looking forward to relaxing this summer after a long season, and I am looking forward to continuing our staff's work with the Aeros next year," said Constantine

Assistants Troy G. Ward and Luke Strand will return to work with Constantine next season.

In addition to the playoffs, the Aeros are 83-60-4-13 under Constantine, including a 46-25-3-6 mark at Toyota Center.


B2Bomber said...

I'm a bit relieved. KC has always been very candid. He took over a team that really wasn't very good but had a lot of potential and turned it around. I don't think anyone would have believed we'd make it to the thrid round of the playoffs. Now, I hope that whoever takes over for Lynn will step up and try to retain Kolanos, Locke, et. al.

Ms. Conduct said...

You rock, Mr. Ferraro. :)

John Royal said...

While I've got nothing to back up this assertion, I wouldn't be surprised if Troy Ward took over the GM duties. He did a lot of this last year on the personnel side I believe. And I think he did a good job.

And let me say I'm pleased. I'm not the brightest of guys when it comes to all of the ins-and-outs of hockey -- though I'm learning -- and KC and staff have never treated or made me feel like the idiot that I am.

And the coaching jobs they've done the past two years have, I think, been excellent -- there was the team with no scorers in year one and the team using a fourth string goalie in the third round of the playoffs this year.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Candid is great ... Actually, Daum was that way too ... I really enjoyed working with him for sure.

Between Tippett, Low, Barr, McLellan, Daum and Constantine ... I've had it made.

Some I learned more from ... and others were very, very entertaining and helped me learn the psychological aspects of the game.

I will never, ever consider myself an expert on hockey. Definitely am when it comes to the Aeros, but I look forward to every game because it's a new chance to learn.

Is it October yet?

Forecheck said...

Somewhat bummed he didn't get an NHL gig, but somewhat relieved we won't be breaking in someone new.