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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sparing you the gore, but photos from Chicago

Not that you want to relive it in photos, but hey, how often do we get pics of the boys anymore? Thanks Aeros!

So, here are Chris "IcyHot" Jerina's shots from the 7-1 slaughter in Chicago on Saturday.

Of all the pics of goals going in and sad goalies and happy Wolfies, this one makes me the saddest... that of the Aeros' most versatile defenseman/centerman, Brandon Rogers, in the stands with an injury. He's been super glue for the Aeros most of the season, playing wherever he's asked, doing whatever is needed. I haven't heard officially what the injury prognosis is, but I'm sure we'll find out on Thursday if he's not back on the ice.

Colton Gillies uses his big frame to protect the puck.

Cool shot of Sifers letting one rip and Sterling dropping to block it (and inside thinking, "not the face not the face not the face").

And because I'm me and Brusty's Brusty... O hai!

Okay, there are lots of other great pics in the set, but honestly, it was too miserable a game for me to want to relive in any depth. Still, much appreciation to Chris for shooting the Aeros.

ALL PHOTOS by Chris "Aeros all the way, bitches" Jerina


artandhockey said...

Chris Jerina is so talented..and you are right, thanks for the pics.
However cute the stickfigures (the "u" wants to slip in elsewhere this morning-cold snap?)no offense, but I sorely miss Mr. Camera's shots of Aeros here!Even though I snap (hahaha) some for my blog, IT IS NOT the same...for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love the "Tick" reference. "not in the face, not in the face!" "Lacks force, chum."