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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3/10 -- Aeros v. Rivermen -- A Few Quick Notes

Some quick notes from tonight's game because...I lost my quotes when I sent my story to the mothership and I don't feel like re-transcribing and I really need to get to bed.

The Aeros got the 4-1 win in a must-win game, but it could prove to be very costly. Max Noreau blocked a shot with his left forearm in the second period, and he did not return. He'll be getting X-rays on Thursday. He will not be traveling with the team to Milwaukee on Thursday morning, but he hopes to be able to join the team if the X-rays come out okay. However, if he got a break, he'll probably be out 4-6 weeks.

Jon DiSalvatore missed the game because he was sick. He might travel to Milwaukee. Or might not. Kevin Constantine told us after the game that he has no idea of who'll be on the plane. Colton Gillies is probably facing a suspension. And I saw him come out of the trainer's room, but I don't know the extent of his injury.

Speaking of injuries, the Aeros got lucky with Barry Brust. It looked from the press box like he hurt his right foot, but he got slashed on his thigh right above his right knee. It was really deep and nasty, and he took about 25-30 stitches before he could get back out on the ice. As it was, he needed more work on it after the game. Constantine said that the ref and the Peoria coach gave him an extra two minutes when they didn't have to so that Brust could get back out on the ice.

Jeff Crawford got the call from Troy Ward at about 1:30 asking if he could suit and back up Barry Brust. Crawford said this was a once in a lifetime thing, and that he didn't know that Brust was going to come back out for the second period. His goalie experience has come during Aeros practice where he has filled in at goal when Dubielewicz and Khudobin have been sick or injured. Brust said that, after the season's he had, there was no way he was coming out of the game. And Constantine gave Brust the credit for the win, saying that this was one of those games that was dependent on the goalie to win.

Constantine does not yet know what the team is going to do about a backup goalie in Milwaukee. There's a chance that either Dubielewicz or Khudobin will rejoin the team. If not, Constantine said they would make some calls and check around on who is available in the Milwaukee area. I would suggest they give Tony Hrkac a call and see if he has any recommendations. He also does not yet know what will happen with the forwards, and whether he'll need to find someone along the way.

I have not heard anything further on the condition of Bryce Lampman.

(And please check the mothership tomorrow for quotes from Crawford, Brust, and Constantine).


artandhockey said...

Missed the Ironman Noreau situation..hope he'll prove true to his nickname...and will be back soon!Thanks John.

Sundays in Sec 110 said...

Maybe Hrkac has a line on Aturs Irbe.

ICEVET said...

With most odds-makers now betting AGAINST an Aeros playoff berth, the Noreau situation (worst case) "could have been" the final nail in the coffin.

It is salutory that the Aeros found a way to win the last two home games, scoring 7 goals to the opponents 2 while being collectively outshot by the Heat and Rivermen (57 to 34), with much credit to Dubbie and Brusty for fine backstopping efforts.

However, in the most competitive AHL division, with 24 of the remaining 29 games against Western division opponents (all of whom have a competitive advantage over the Aeros in offensive capability), the Aeros may not be able to capture enough wins (this way) to beat the odds-makers. Break-out games like the (1/29) 7-1Heat win and the earlier 6-2 Admirals snd Toronto routs have been far and few between and generally against high PIM teams.

On a positive note, 4 of the 5 remaining non-Western division contests are home games, and the Aeros have done well outside of the Western division this year. Further, 9 of the 24 Western division games are Lone Star contests (Texas-5 and San Antonio-4) where home-ice has been a minor factor in the outcome of the first 15 games. Finally, Brusty could be the tipping point, if he remains in Houston.