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Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/10 -- Aeros v. Manitoba -- We Need Some Help Edition

I'm short on time, so straight to the talking points from tonight's 3-2 loss to Manitoba.

Barry Brust took the loss on himself.

"I think the onus is on me. I’ve got to come up with a save. The second goal, they got a big break and hit our d-man’s stick and went right down the ice. The third goal, I thought I had it, but obviously I didn’t. That’s up to me. I’ve got to buckle down and be better."

But buckle down and be better is something that can be said of the entire team. It wasn't just Brust who lost focus after the tying goals. Those goals didn't just happen in isolation. It's been a season long problem that the team has to find a way to address.


And speaking of season long problems, the injury bug hit again. Max Noreau took a shot off of his right ankle. He came back out to play, but I saw it after the game, and it was swollen. They're going to x-ray it tomorrow, and he's hoping that it's not broken -- if it is, you can probably kiss what playoff chances the team has left has nil.

As for why he came back out -- he scored the team's final goal -- he said that it was because they checked the ankle, and said that it couldn't get any worse if he played on it. The hockey boot keeps everything kind of tight. But we should know more tomorrow.

Constantine is hoping that Brandon Rogers can return this weekend, but he's suffering from a concussion, so the team isn't going to rush anything.


And for those of you who weren't following on Twitter -- shame on you -- the rumor is that the Aeros might be getting some help next week. The guys up in Milwaukee who handle the Admirals Short Shifts blog tweeted during the game that Tony Hrkac has signed a contract and is returning to the team next week. That will definitely increase the team speed from slow to even slower. Hrkac was a great presence on the team last season -- especially during the playoffs when the team was battling through tough playoff series after tough playoff series, and he showed that he still had some gas left in the tank. Hopefully, he can help the guys keep their focus on their games after they score a goal.

We checked with the Aeros, and all that we could get was a no comment.

The Aeros play in Texas on Friday, then host the Stars on Saturday night. With a record of 28-25-6-1 (63 points), they definitely need to get two wins this weekend.

And though I know I've played this song already this season, I thought it was apropos of the night. So here's The Beatles with "Help."


Anonymous said...

Are you following all day on Twitter? Who has that kind of time, with all that's going on. But thanks to keeping an eye on it to let us mortals know!

artandhockey said...

Hrkac... are you joking or not?

Forecheck said...

Is any "help" coming from Minny?

I doubt it, no help available there...

Ally said...

When the Aeros signed Hrkac last season, I thought they had lost their ever-loving minds. And I thought that for a good couple of weeks. Once he got his legs back, he made a HUGE postivie impact on the team.
If he really has signed a contract, it would be great if he could skip those first few weeks of sucking dirty pond water out there....