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Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12/10: Aeros vs. Griffins: Well, That Sucked Edition

Sorry, I've got no comforting words after this one. The final score might have been 7-2, but trust me, it wasn't that close. Barry Brust didn't appear to have his best game tonight, but then again, his defense didn't appear to have its best game either as both he and Wade Dubielewicz, who played the last part of the third period, were both hit repeatedly by odd-man rushes and breakaways.

Kevin Constantine wasn't in the best of moods afterwards. He was disappointed by his team's non-thinking on the ice. He was very displeased about how the team played a chance at a potential 5-3 power play into being on the penalty kill. The defense wasn't good. The offense didn't take advantage of their chances. There's just nothing good to say.

Peter Zingoni left the game in the first with a lower body injury. Constantine played only three centers in the second period, then he moved Brandon Rogers up front in the third.

The Aeros needed this win tonight -- they just about need a win every time they play. And they looked awful. Not sure of what else there is to say. So I'm out going to wrap it up. Let's hope tomorrow night leaves us with a better result.

Apologies, again, for the short post. I've got to get up at 5:00 a.m. for the temp job -- I'm should get about 65 hours this week and I have decided that sleep is overrated. Hopefully Heather or Andrew can add some more words of wisdom than I'm capable of at the moment.


artandhockey said...

No words applicable, of wisdom or otherwise. Bad game all around. Griffins seem to be influenced by the reflected glory (;-) of Abdelkader's appearances last season with Red Wings during Stanley Cup play offs, because when we saw them in San Antonio months ago.... well, this was a different team!

Forecheck said...

A stick figure drawing like this tells it all :

Two Aeros’ goalies, made of Swiss cheese (sorry, Ms.) unsuccessfully fight off a 4-0 short handed rush, while off to the side another Griff puts a choke-hold on an Aero while Banfield, wearing sunglasses and with his guide dog at his side, does nothing. On the other side, the Aeros struggle to get out of their own end on an eight-on-two power play. Mean while, off in a corner, the remaining Aeros are experiencing recto-cranial inversion.

OK, so all of this didn’t happen, but enough of it is true to give the flavor of the Toyota Center Massacre.

It was Saturday night, so call them the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”.

The only positive I could get out of this one was that maybe, just maybe, some careers ended tonight. I’ll leave it to you speculate on your favorite usual suspects.

Forecheck said...

oops - "If it was Saturday night you could call it"