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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aeros give up 6 in 1st period, lose 7-1 to Wolves

You ever make a new friend and you think, "They're a little wacky... but I like them." You invest a little in them, they know a few of your secrets, you kinda ignore the red flags because you find them amusing or whatever.

And then they confess to you that they have another family in Michigan and they need you to lie to their local spouse for them.

Uh oh. They're f**ked up!

That's kinda what this game was for me with the Aeros. Like, I was never particularly married to them, but you know, they've got a few charming ways, right?

But now. Yeesh. You're way more screwed up than I realized, Aeros.

*backing away slowly*

Unfortunately, Chicago is one of those cities whose AHL Live feed is basically the center ice camera that never zooms in. And no replays. So, I have no idea how good or bad any of the goals were. I'm guessing it's a mix.

Dubie was in for the first 3, which he allowed in the first 5:30 of the game. Then Brusty came in and let 3 more in. Then Dubie was back in for the final 2 periods and let in one in the third.

I guess if you want a silver lining, Noreau scored on a power play late in the first. I know. Whatever.

I think we can safely say that if you wanted to make plans in mid-April, you can go ahead.


artandhockey said...

Really? OMG, oh, well - expected actually! But still shocking.
For me no soft spots here, not like...yes, yes, y'all know that already!

The redeeming things are the Olympic Games..in RED-WHITE-RED and Blue, too. ;-)!
Austria got another GOLD - yahoo!

Forecheck said...

I had a better night tonight than last in that I watched none of this game, and i'm undoubtedly happier for it. Stick to the Olympics for now guys... we're ahead of the Canadians in men's right now!

Word verification "eyarop" - what you put in your eyes when you have a severe cold.

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Something tells me that I was wise to NOT attend either game (in Milwaukee or in Chicago) while I was down there for business this weekend.

B2Bomber said...

Right now our team could use an infusion of Achmed, Bubba J, Walter, Peanut, and Jose JalapeƱo.

At least we could laugh without crying.

WolfKeeper said...


Not wanting to rub it in, but it helps answer "who screwed up".

Ms. Conduct said...

Thanks WK, Much better views. Looks like a little of everything, as I suspected.