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Friday, February 12, 2010

Aeros .5, Griffins 47 (okay not really, 2-7, but still)

So, when I play like shit, my teammates just kind of keep their distance. I'm not stupid. I know I sucked. I don't need a lecture. I do, though, get a lot of looks like the Goalie Angel was dishing out tonight:
But to be perfectly honest, it only makes it worse. And in fact, a word or two... a tap on the pads... would do wonders for me when I'm in quicksand up to my ears.

So, my dearest Aeros... Here you go:

"Hey boys. Get it together. You're letting them under your skin. " *tap tap*

Back to front, this team is so much better than it was tonight. KC didn't really have an explanation for it. It's just one of those, "Don't do it again" kinda nights.

John will pick it apart a little more for history's sake, but really.... maybe it's best to just pretend this didn't happen and get a do-over tomorrow. That feels good to me.

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artandhockey said...

Lte us pray that Dubie was not hurt badly, that's all we need an ealier repeat of last season when goalies went down injured and they had to bring several...Beauchemin (hm, good to look at), Climie (too bad not available this time), Centomo, and, and ..