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Friday, February 19, 2010

Aeros blanked again: Admirals 2, Aeros 0

Okay, so the dark arts obviously don't work.

Or perhaps the cement went in the wrong skates.

But whatever the case, the Aeros were terrible tonight. They're playing like a team with no leadership, even though apparently the room is full of leaders. I'm not seeing it, folks.

They're letting the frustrations get to them. They're gripping their sticks, shooting everything wide. They're fighting needlessly. Yeah, it's good to drop 'em strategically, but this was too much and hurt them in the end.

Never ever should Max Noreau get himself into a situation where he's off the ice for 7 minutes straight. If there aren't enough tough guys on this team, then get more tough guys, but Max is the team's second leading scorer, the top scoring defenseman in the AHL... we know you WILL do stand up for your teammates, Max. But don't.

You too, Almond Joy. Sometimes you just need to be a Mounds bar instead and go try and put the puck in the net.

Credit to Milwaukee for smelling the blood in the water and being opportunistic. When guys are skating into their offensive zone with the puck dangling 10 feet away off their stick (when did Pouliot come back? and why is he skating funny?), turning it over (and over and over) that says to the opposition that they've got a bunch of guys who don't wanna get hit. A bunch of guys who don't want to pay the price to protect the puck and hold the zone.

Dekanich was good, but not terribly challenged outside of a few scrambles. And of course, got lucky with the non-goal that was waived off due to coming in off a high stick, though my all accounts it was a legit call.

On both Aeros goals against, the defense was trying to do Brusty's job for him rather than covering his backside where he really needed him. Look boys, he's good at this. Let him see the puck. GTF out of his way, get where you can clear rebounds and protect the back door. It's ridiculous that there were TWO guys tightly flanking Brusty on that first goal when it was just a straight on shot and there was a rush coming down the other side at an open net.

*deepbreath* Here's the gamesheet if you want a sense of the senselessness.

Chris "Remind Me Why I Like the Aeros More That the Ads?" Jerina will have some pics to share tomorrow, I suspect. Apologies to him as he is stuck with this team one more night in Chicago. You're a real trooper, man. Thanks.


Forecheck said...

OK, I didn't see much of this. I decided to focus on watching real hockey players for a change, both male and female. OK so the later was on the DVR from last night.

Good decision on my part, huh?

Three goals scored in the last four games, and shut out back to back. Pardon me, but these guys are starting to make me sick! I really wonder why we should bother to watch any more of their nonsene if this is all they are capable of doing.

Maybe this summer , we can trade them all for the U.S. women's team. Or maybe a keg or two - that's all we might get.

Anonymous said...

"Remind Me Why I Like the Aeros More That the Ads?"

Probably because Aeros fans kick ass...

Ms. Conduct said...

That is true. I <3 us.

Anonymous said...

My half ear on Joe O'Donnell last night was half an ear too much ..sadly!
WHY for Pete's sake do Ironman and Almond Joy let themselves be lured into fights..that's the prerogative of Testy, Kassy, and seemingly lately, Irms.
I do not get it!
BOYZ, BOYZ, scoring is more important that fighting even IF you all think it justified! Adrenalin and/or steam in short supply? And the Wolves at the door again tonight. Am masochistic neough I'll keep an ear for starters on Joe, but..

artandhockey said...

oops.. that should have been an artandhockey comment. Fingers getting trigger happy on the clicker LOL!I don't hide behind anonymous! Sorry!