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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2/27/10 -- Aeros v. Stars -- Comfortably Numb Edition

Kevin Constantine looked defeated after the game tonight. He sounded defeated. Even when he was defending his team and their effort he just looked and sounded defeated. Perhaps that's because he is defeated.

Once again Wade Dubielewicz got the start in goal on a Saturday night. Once again he allowed three goals in the first period. And once again, the team just could not overcome the start. But at least he was perfect. He faced three shots, and three shots went in the goal before Barry Brust was sent in to damn the flow. But the damning of the flow came too late as the Aeros lost 5-2.

I'll let Constantine's words speak for themselves.

"Actually, I loved our first period," he said. "I didn’t like the score, but I loved the way we worked, competed, and got scoring chances. I thought, we as a team, played really, really good. We gave up a few things. And it wasn’t really entirely Wade’s fault, but we gave up a lot. We played really, really hard. I wasn’t disappointed with the effort of the guys at all."

The difference in the game was goal keeping. Primarily, Matt Climie faced an overwhelming number of shots and let in only two -- both of which were mistakes. Jean-Michel Daoust banged a shot off the post that found the puck rebound to Jamie Fraser in just the right spot, and Fraser took advantage to briefly tie the game. And in the third, with the game out of reach at 4-1, Climie went away from the net while the Stars were on the power play in order to play the puck. Jaime Sifers swiped the puck and was past Climie and scored an illogical sounding empty-net, short-handed goal.

As to the play of Dubielewicz, Constantine explained:

"It’s tough....He actually hadn’t played for awhile because of being with the Wild. So he hadn’t played for awhile with the Wild, and then Barry was on a bit of a roll, so that kept him out, and then he didn’t play for a week here. It’s very tough for a goalie to find a rhythm, but we wanted to give him a chance. Barry hasn’t been played bad, but Barry hadn’t won in a couple of games, and the other guy deserves a shot when that happens. We wanted to give him a chance."

The team just seemed to lose composure in the third period, which resulted in a fight-filled mini-brawl fest featuring cheap shots and lots of stupidity on the parts of many. This made a seemingly endless game seem infinitely longer than it already was.


I'm jettisoning my year long Beatles music theme. There's only one song that I can think of which describes the horror that was this game. So here's Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb."


Forecheck said...

Point #1 – The Aeros sent the wrong goalie down. They should have sent all three down. None of them seem capable of playing in the AHL at present. As far as I’m concerned, they can take 20 or so of their closest friends with them for the same reason.

Point #2 – Its not that a few guys suck out there, the whole team sucks. Saturday’s game – no goal tending, spotty defense, some offensive pressure but with little affect. A total collapse of team discipline in the third period. Also absent – leadership and coaching. Even the in-arena announcer sucks (“unassisted short handed power play goal” – maybe the Aeros could have hired someone who actually watched a freakin’ hockey game before he was hired), and for that matter so did the “Singing Boys”, or at least their audio sure did, which happens to be run by – the Aeros. So, right now, the whole organization, from top to bottom, sucks. Possibly even the waterboy.

Point # 2.5 - ... And we keep feeding them our money. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ....

Point #3 – Why wear red to this or any other game? Probably just a silly PR stunt copying the Texans’ Battle Red days. The appropriate color for a funeral is black, and what got buried Saturday night was not only the Aeros’ playoff chances, but – quite deservedly - a few jobs as well.

Point #4 – Constantine was being too kind and probably just burying his feelings at this point out of frustration. I would not think poorly of Constantine at all if he took a look over this season, and the piece of junk team he is likely to be sent this fall by the folks in Minny, and said “I’m out of here” the third week of April. He has got to be incredibly frustrated at this point. If I was in his shoes, I would demand a more talented crew as a condfition of even staying.

John Royal said...

Just one thing, FC. Unless I missed something, which is very possible, the Aeros have not sent down a goalie. Khudobin is up at Minnesota working as a practice goalie with Josh Harding while Backstrom is in the Olympics.

artandhockey said...

Did you really say COMFORTABLY numb?
Since I have been expecting less and less, I actually enjoyed the trouncing the Stars gave "us", just watching Stars mass in front of THEIR goalie, in front of OUR goalie, ready to pounce on any rebound or stray (quite a few of those around)puck to slap into Aeros goal, or slap away from danger to their goal!
That was HOCKEY well played.
And of course seeing former 'soft spot' getting in on the
action helped ;-)!

Forecheck said...

John - I though AK was sent down, maybe I'm wrong. Haven't seen him for several games.

But I'm willing to try anything at this point, even the assistant equipment manager!

Arts - The problem, I think, is that the Aeros have become "comfortably" with the situation.

B2Bomber said...

This team just does not play well together. I'll leave it at that.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, FC, he was assigned to MN to be the second goalie while Backstrom is up in Vancouver.

artandhockey said...

Could the ad in front of the Aeros bench say it all?
'Humorously' meant, of course.

Forecheck said...

"The team just seemed to lose composure in the third period, which resulted in a fight-filled mini-brawl fest featuring cheap shots and lots of stupidity on the parts of many. This made a seemingly endless game seem infinitely longer than it already was."

Amen. I was just going out the door when this nonsense broke out. Glad I missed it. It gives hockey a bad name.

Word verification "tenure" - something that hopefully won't figure in determining who will be back next season.

Cookie said...

I have to agree with Forecheck. The Aeros just do not have a very good team this year. The only reason I didn't complain about shelling out $178 on tickets and parking was because it was still hockey. I'm grateful to have any hockey considering our team left and there is no new team in sight. I've been to Lafayette a couple of times to see the dog and pony show that they call hockey. It was entertaining, but I wanted real hockey. I just felt the Aeros did not mesh...looked more like a team that had only been together a week or so. Oh, and last but not least, the atmosphere really sucks without Mr. Fred there. BRING BACK FRED! LOL

Fred Trask said...

Awww, Thanks Cookie. Glad you guys still love your hockey. You can thank Courtney Eidman for Mr. Fred no longer wanting anything to do with the Aeros. My wallet thanks her too. Thousands of dollars a year saved!

I miss you guys too.

What a game last night between the USA and Canada for the gold medal. A beautiful, beautiful thing. If you didn't enjoy that you must be in the morgue.

Forecheck said...

Arts - is that the "Girlie Girl Cosmetics" sign? Sheesh - that's being tough...

Cookie - In my case, over $1000 on tickets and parking, not to mention the. AHL live subscription and what passes for food at the Toy Box (or elsewhere) and gas/mileage - so figure a total investment on this team of easily $1500 !

artandhockey said...

@Forecheck.. no, the temporary workers one LOL. But that other one... well, you decide.

@Cookie and Fred...all those high school kids (?)interns or ? running round with cameras, are those the pix sold by Aeros?
Who made THAT happen ... plus several others things that one did or rather DID NOT do. Alas.

Re USA/Canada.. tears USA did not win - sooo close we could taste it - but hey that's hockey, and being professionals the guys showed some class! Now IF....but that's just very wishful thinking!
Saw, Rampage won over Texas Stars in almost a repeat: 3 goals with 4 SOG...duh!