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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Silver lining: Pretty pictures

I know some won't find this to be particularly redemptive of last night's goose egg, but as usual, our mid-westerner behind the lens, Chris "Not Lusty for Brusty" Jerina did a great job capturing the game and making it look not nearly as painful as it actually was.

I feel slightly less hateful after looking at them. Though that could also be from spending my morning taking it out on all the frozen-dead foliage in my back yard. Gardening is therapeutic.

Let's eat our veggies first:

Sorry Smitty. It was hit in with a high stick, according to the ref, so No Goal. I still don't understand how, if MY defenseman hits it in with a high stick, it's still a goal against me, but if my opponent does, it isn't. But that's another story.

How the hell does this not go in?

Would love to be a fly on the cage here... Kinda wanna blocker the smug right off Santorelli's face.
True Fact:
Goalies are allowed to use blocker as a verb. "I blockered it into the corner." "He ran my crease so I blockered him right in the jewels."

Welcome to everywhere BUT the inside of the net, puck.

ROBBED! Have mercy, Dex...

Okay, on to the pretties:

*shudder* Yes. Just like this.


Me, too, honey. Me, too.

And finally, my favorite of the bunch. So many intense faces. Love it.

Here's the full photo set. There are plenty more great ones where these came from.

All photos by Chris "My Girlfriend is Awesome" Jerina


Forecheck said...

Hey Ms. -

Since it looks like we will need cheering up again after tonight's game, how about (you or someone else - Andrew,John, Fred, Chris, etc.) digging up something on the five (?) former Aeros playing in the Olympics?

Ms. Conduct said...

Ohhh.... so, great idea and I totally would if I... cared... :)

Apart from how fun it is to say WEINHANDL! in a loud, angry German accent. (Yeah, I know he's Swedish, but I don't have a loud, angry Swedish accent in my repertoire.)

Dubie is starting tonight, BTW. Yay.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Hey, not so harsh Ms. C ...

I would love to dig up some stuff.

Who are the five guys in the Olympics?

Weinhandl, Koivu, Tim Thomas, who else?


Fred Trask said...

Z is another

Ms. Conduct said...

Just being honest. FC's a big boy. He can take it.

Jen said...

Hnat Domenichelli is playing for Switzerland

Forecheck said...

Thanks, Andrew. I guess it gives you something positive to write about for a change, a break from the burden of having to cover the Aeros.

My list was :

Mikko Koivu (FIN)
Marius Holtet (NOR)
Hnat Domenichelli(SUI)
Filip Kuba (CZE)
Zbynek Michalek (CZE)

There could be more..

Forecheck said...

Add in Sven Butenschon of Team Germany - if you can call what Germany sent to Vancouver a team.