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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couple of things for you

First off, John has a new Aeros post over at the Press looking at the dire straits the Aeros are in with regard to the playoff push. Please go check it out, leave nice comments, etc.


Also, our very own Chris Jerina has seen the light and started a Photo of the Day blog to show off his fantastic photos that just don't get used for whatever reason between A.S.S. or T3I or wherever else. Of course, they're not necessarily Aeros photos but they're all good stuff.

Have a look. It's only on day 2, but it's worth throwing on your Google Reader list so you can enjoy some great hockey photography every day. Or at least when he feels like it.


Finally, fellow Aeros (and other stuff) blogger, Blog 4 That, has a cool report from a locker room tour over the weekend. Looks like a fun excursion!

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