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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Des Moines Aeros? Really?

If you would've asked me about the lease talks/relocation last week, I would've said it was 80/20 in favor of the Aeros leaving. After yesterday's news, I'm putting it at 95/5 in favor of the Aeros leaving.

I've got a story up over at the Press taking a look at yesterday's news, including reactions from Des Moines. The good news is basically this: there is no lease in Houston, but there's also no lease in Des Moines, and Des Moines officials are throwing out the same kind of smack the Toyota Center's been sending out, ie, they don't really need the Aeros because they're making a pretty good profit off of concerts and by hosting a NBA D-League team and a team in one of the 15,000 arena football leagues.

There's also this, maybe Russo's story wasn't so much a final announcement, but was actually more a shot across the bow meant to get Toyota Center's attention, to let them know the Aeros are serious and they're tried of screwing around, and telling Toyota Center to make a legitimate offer already.

So give it a read. And don't forget, there is a game tonight.


BobbyR said...

Back in October/November, I looked at the Wells Fargo Arena schedule of events as some where saying then that the Aeros would probably move there. With the minor league Basketball team, the Arena Football team and all the concerts and other events they had booked already through what would be hockey season 2012-2013, it would have been almost impossible to schedule 38-home games in there.

Practically every weekend had events. Then take into account that the two teams (B-Ball and Football) that are already there, their management would probably scream bloody murder to loose their weekend slots to a new team in the same arena. That is why I have never thought too much of Des Moines as a possible relocation site.

There are other venues that could easily handle an AHL team.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from someone that works for the Aeros that the Toyota Center want to raise the rent for the Aeros by 300% and they will not come down. The Aeros have also told their staff that it is official.

Anonymous said...

Let's see Les fill those dates with phantom concerts.
Please let there be divine intervention for another facility to be built in the event hockey does return in any form to Houston we will not have to bargain with this greedy bloodsucking leech and I'm being generous with this.

Anonymous said...

Sugar Land is building a huge Outdoor Concert and event Facility. It will be a first class facility, that will draw more concerts and events away from the dark and empty Toyota Center. The concerts have a lot of options outside Toyota that are far more reasonable and they continue to grow. The harlem globtrotters moved over to reliant. Disney signed a long term contract to perform at Reliant. Major concerts are being held at the Minute Maid Park, Dynamo center, and even at the Skeeters baseball stadium(ZZ Top Performed there).

Les Alexander is trying to take advantage of the TV rights with CSN, got the taxpayers to pay for both his arena then his new HD screen. He has no loyalty to the city as he is not a resident and couldnt care less about this city.

Anonymous said...

What really rots about how this is going down is that it is all about Les not wanting to give up the dates to hockey so he can have 1 or 2 more concerts. They are NOT going to fill that many dates as the poster above said, a lot of shows that went to The Summit or Toyota Center before have moved to Reliant because of the lease rates at TC.

What it means is that even though Houston is a viable AHL market and a team with a reasonable market-rate lease can succeed, we'll never get another team until another venue in town gets a sheet of ice. I guarantee at a reasonable lease we'd get another AHL team because some markets in the league are quite poor.

MK. VIII said...

I agree a new arena has to be built to house a new hockey team. Hockey is done at Toyota Center, and a new facility will have to be built to house a team. It could happen in Houston, but my bet is that it will happen in an outlying community with a desire to provide its citizens with a professional team. Houston city leaders have proven time and time again, hockey is not on their radar. This, unfortunately, means we will be without hockey for several years.

Anonymous said...

agree with anon above. any venue within the greater Houston metropolis area other than tc will bring ahl / echl hockey to houston again.
forget nhl the bridges have already been burned.

Anonymous said...

This has been in the works for a long time. It's always been a matter of when, not if. The organization here in Houston and in the ivory towers of Minnesota will place blame on the TC, but they have been wanting to move for some time. I love hockey, but adios to a spiteful and arrogant organization. The good news is that the Aeros leaving probably means the end of some noteworthy individuals' time in Houston. Hopefully we will get another team that will run by a better crew.

Kent Westmoreland said...

Just asking, but could the Aeros play in either the Berry Center arena or the venue in Katy- Merrill Center?

BobbyR said...

@Kent Westmorland

No they could not play in either the Berry Center or the Merrill Center. Neither one of them have a refrigeration system for an ice rink.

Being in construction, the cost to retrofit either of the venues to accommodate an ice rink after the fact would be (A) extremely cost prohibitive,(B) construction would interfere with already planned venues so they would have to cancel any venues during construction, and (C) then add in the utility cost to run the refrigeration system and the additional equipment maintenance.

To try and retrofit an existing facility for an ice rink never happens. It has to be be part of the the original design when the building is built.