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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aeros Lose Game, And Lose Another Goalie

Have you ever seen the movie Spinal Tap? It's a comedy classic from 1984 about a fictional British heavy metal band that starred Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner. I bring it up because, as those of you have seen the movie know, the band has a bit of bad luck with drummers. One drummer dies from a gardening accident. Another dies from choking on somebody else's vomit. Then there's the guy who just spontaneously combusts during a concert.

M*A*S*H - Suicide is NOT painless if you don't do it right. 
Why bring this up? Because it dawned on me while Jeff Deslauriers was writhing in pain during the second period. The Aeros are the Spinal Tap of goalies. Don't believe it, ask Deslauriers who was in for Cody Reichard who was injured during a game last week. Or ask Reichard who replaced an injured John Curry. What about Mike Brodeur replacing the injured Joe Fallon who replaced the injured Darcy Kuemper or Brodeur who replaced an injured Hackett in the playoffs.

Remember Jeff Crawford, an equipment assistant skating out in uniform to take Barry Brust's place after Brust's leg was slashed during a game? Remember Anton Khudobin skating in the playoffs because Nolan Schaefer and Brust were injured, then the Aeros having to bring in Matt Climie during the end of a playoff run because Khudobin was injured?

If you're a goalie, you want to come to Houston because you're definitely going to play. But if you're a goalie, you've got to want to avoid the Aeros because you're going to get injured during game action. So good luck to Mike Condon. And good luck to Josh Harding who, according to reports, will be making two rehab starts for the Aeros next weekend to close out the season.

As for the rest of the Aeros, they lost 4-1 to the Oklahoma City Barons, a team just below the Aeros in the standings who the Aeros are fighting for a playoff spot and in seeding. This game should have featured some playoff intensity. But it didn't.

"That was a tough one for us to swallow," John Torchetti said after the game. "I’ve got to maybe get us a little more fired up. I didn’t think we really had to get too energized for this game, but we really certainly didn’t play up to our potential. Our physicality was lacking tonight. We didn’t win any battles, and that was the difference."

At one point during the third period the Aeros were being outshot 30-12. A hockey team's not going to win many games when it's being outshot 30-12.

"I think that they’re 7-2-2 in their last 11 games," Torchetti said of the Barons. "And that’s not them chasing, that’s them gelling at the right time. They seem to be getting parts and add-ons in the right areas. We’re coming out of a game with nothing. We didn’t give up nothing tonight. You have to give something up, you have to give up something as a hockey player to win a hockey game. You just can’t show up and come out like it’s a Sunday school dance."

With the loss the Aeros drop to 7th place in the Western Conference playoff standings, behind OKC and Rochester. The magic number should still be 10 points.

They're back in action tomorrow night against San Antonio, so come see them before they're relocated.

And for you Spinal Tap fans, here's the history of the drummers.


Anonymous said...

Crap. Total crap. That's what they looked like last night.

6 minutes into the second and OKC had 25 shots on goal. Jeesh. If it wasn't for DesLauriers, it would have been 10-1 OKC at the end of the second.

These guys are making passes at about the level of mini-mites. Way off target, and passing directly to the opposition. Shots on goal aren't much better.

And WTH is up with making 12 passes? Shoot the damn puck, and get the greasy goals. They went back to being fancy while playing like crap.

Keep it simple!

SadAerosFan said...

Its like they were told to pack their bags for Iowa and forget the post season, we'll trade away the only healthy goalie and make sure to cut Houston hockey fans throats quick and flee to the corn fields. It's pretty sad when a town like Des Moines can have 2 hockey teams a D league basketball team and an arena football league and Houston can't keep it's only hockey team. It really SUCKS being a sports fan in Houston. Good luck Aeros and Wild, thanks for all the love for your season ticket holders. Who would pay to go see this team in the playoffs if they back in anyway.. my bet is they don't even show just like our Captain last year that gave his heart and then left and our Captain this year that has been making public appearances but absent on the ice for most of the season. Peace out Houston..great job of totally destroying the ONLY good part of being a sports fan in Houston. RIP AEROS

Mark B said...

Last night was surely the "Drive to the Playoffs", I mean the "Drive to Des Moines".

Anonymous said...

really expected a better performance last night. not a victory but at least more effort. for the most part this looked like the beginning of the season rather than a team fighting for a playoff berth. the aggressiveness is totally lacking.
so the aeros will fade into the sunset with a whimper

Anonymous said...

in the most likely event the Aeros do leave, anyone have any idea what will happen to the championship banners hanging in the house of les

Anonymous said...

I believe someone was listening to the conversations in section 120/121 last night. There were several references to Spinal Tap. Sad game last night but as a true hockey fan, I will support our team until the very end, whether it's on April 21st or June 21st.