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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aeros Come From The Dead to Defeat San Antonio 3-2 (OT)

Sometimes all that it takes is a shot to a face. Or a shot off of the face. Or more specifically, San Antonio's Scott Timmins trying to clear the puck from the goal, knocking it off of Chad Rau's face, and the puck bouncing into the net to get the Aeros going.

It took awhile, but at :42 seconds into the third period, the Aeros were finally on the board thanks to Mr. Timmins and the Aeros, which had been dead once for the entire game, once again, were back in the action and looking alive for the first time in a week. Then Jason Zucker took things into his own hands, scoring late in the third period, and then hitting the game winner in OT to snap the Aeros out of their funk and put them back in the win column for the first time in five games.

John Torchetti was a very relieved man after the game, and talked about the character of the team. He also noted, once again, that the team was shorthanded and that some guys were having to work extra shifts.

Photo by Morris Molina - Houston Aeros
The effort was there in the third period for the Aeros tonight. An effort, and some urgency. Neither of which has been seen in awhile. But it needs to be noted that the Aeros outshot the Rampage 43-17, and still had to go into overtime to get the win.

The scratches were John Curry, Drew Bagnall, Kris Freidheim, Kris Foucault, Jarod Palmer, and Ryley Grantham.

The team returns to play tomorrow night against Chicago. So until then.


Anonymous said...

Read that with the sale of the Rivermen franchise to the Canucks, it appears the Aeros will be headed to Peoria next season.

Forecheck said...


The group of young hockey enthusiasts arrested Tuesday night at the Toyota Center for impersonating a professional hockey team were released early Thursday evening when the police investigation determined that the arrestees were actually the Houston Aeros.

"This is somewhat embarrassing," a police spokeswoman said, "but the people we arrested turned out to be the Aeros. They just had a really, really bad game. The people in the stands simply didn't recognize them."

A similarly red-faced detective continued," It was really confusing when we arrived. There was this middle-aged guy going ballistic on everyone and getting in their faces. It took him twenty minutes to realize we were there and that he, like everyone else, was under arrest."

"When he calmed down a bit, he claimed to be the head coach of the Aeros, but we didn't believe him. As he continued to calm down, his story started to fit, but then this tall guy who looked to be about seventeen and a guy who said he was from Finland started yelling that they had been ‘called up’ to the NHL and needed to get to San Jose immediately. We’re certain there are no professional hockey teams in California. So we were back almost to square one.”

“To be sure, we ordered DNA testing on all of them on Wednesday evening. That turned out to be a mistake, since all the genetic testing labs in Houston were closed for the night. We had to get geneticists and their techs out of bed and into the lab. They weren't very happy about it. They refused to come in."

The spokeswoman said that although the results weren’t available until late Thursday afternoon, the DNA tests revealed the group to be mostly Canadian with some of Northern US or European origin, as expected. More importantly, their DNA also matched hair samples found throughout the locker room and the Sugarland training facility. That led police to conclude they had arrested the team that was supposed to be there Tuesday night, but for all appearances failed to show.

The team was released just before 8 PM and quickly made their way to the Toyota Center to play the third quarter of a game against a team from San Antonio. However, the fourth quarter appeared to end suddenly a few minutes in, and everybody went home.

The spokeswoman refused much comment on the rumor that rookie forward Mikael Granlund's DNA profile is now up for bid on Ebay.fi , a clear violation of US medical privacy laws, other than to say that it sounded, "Really gross that someone would do that."

Forecheck said...

@Anon - one problem with that is the Rivermen need to go somewhere first. They can't move to Abottsford since there is a team there.

More than likely the Rivermen stay put another year or two until something opens up.

OldFan said...

Anon....please share the source of the info. Where did you read it? As a long-time Aeros season ticket holder, I am furious with the way the Wild organization is treating us. If they're going to move, just come right out and say so. I'm sick to death of their position of no communication whatsoever. And I'm sick of unsubstantiated rumors.

Anonymous said...

My source is a blog in Peoria.
Hopefully I am wrong

Forecheck said...

@Anon - Internet speculation often is.

It had the Bulldogs moving to Quebec next season, they wound up renewing.

The internet completely missed the sale of the Rivermen.

As I have said before, there is probably a lot happening behind the scenes which we will (thankfully) never know. We just need to be patient for a couple more weeks.

Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...

Anonymous said...

Like so many I will miss them terribly and hopefully another team will grace our city in the event they do move.
This will be difficult as have been following the Aeros since the wha days in the old coliseum and the inauguration of the then summit.
baseball and basketball are not viable options for this fan due to the utter disgust of both owners

Forecheck said...

I hear you!

I can't stand Basketball or Soccer at all.

I'm not much of a baseball fan, any way the Astros are over-priced. I'll settle for a Skeeters game once a month, especially as a group outing.

I love the Texans, but frankly you can watch a football game better on a big screen HDTV at home than from 300 feet away in person. And it's much less expensive.

MK. VIII said...

Hard to be optimistic with the Aeros right now. Didn't exactly fire up the faithful after losing the first 4 games of the homestand, losing 3 key players, and the ridiculous lease situation hanging over the team. Been a Houston hockey fan since the days of the Apollos in the 1960's, and I would hate to say goodbye to the game for the 4th time since I've been a fan. But it is, what it is.