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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harding, Aeros nip Stars 4-3 in Cedar Park

The Aeros are on a serious run right now. After last night's 4-3 win over Texas, the Aeros have won three in a row and six of seven overall since a four game winless slide. They can still get home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs, but they'd have to win out and get a loss by the Charlotte Checkers today.

Not likely, but it is possible. Tomorrow's season finale at OKC could mean quite a bit. Should be a fun way to close out the season.

Josh Harding was solid in the first of his two rehab starts, and the Aeros abused the Stars third line. Chad Rau led the way with three points, and he's been getting hot during the Aeros recent winning ways.

Tonight, the Aeros play at San Antonio and really need a win against the Rampage, who have really tanked recently. As much as I respect the fans over there, a loss by the Aeros today would be truly embarrassing when you consider what is at stake.

The Aeros need to do everything they can do to avoid the Texas Stars in the first round. I'd much rather take my chances against the No. 1 team in the second round, not the first-round best of five.

I know I have said this over and over, but Jim Mill and John Torchetti have done a tremendous job getting guys to fill the gaps and to play hard all season long. They deserve a ton of credit, but there is still much to be done.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to base this on other than the hockey gods smiling on the aeros for their last go round.
not to jinx anyone but i sense a deep playoff rund
go aeros

Anonymous said...

no offense to mike condon but he's in goal with cody reichard as the backup.
thought harding was here for two games for conditioning.

RIPaeros said...

I'm thinking they didnt want to play Harding back to back and risk anything. Therefore he didnt dress to not waste a game. I bet he plays tomorrow night in OKC. From there I imagine Kuemper be sent down and used for playoffs. To bad he hasn't played in forever so hope he's not cold. If they weren't scared to risk anything with Harding, I wish they would have played him tonight, than sent down Keumper today so he could get at least one game in before playoffs. Here's to hoping for a long playoff run though one last time in Houston.
Go whats-left of the Aeros!

Anonymous said...

There's a good article on the Aeros giving the perspective of what has transpired by Jack Stanfield (one of the WHA era Aeros).

Let's crown the Barons today
Go Aeros

Anonymous said...

Aeros - Griffins starting Friday in Houston!

Go Aeros!!

Anonymous said...

Certainly not wishing any bad luck on anyone (hockey wise not basketball) but in the event the Wild fail to make the playoffs we should get some much needed firepower back correct?

Ms. Conduct said...

How gracious of you! Not sure I am so kind, even as a Wild fan.

I would expect to get guys who spent the bulk of the season here, at least Zucker, Coyle, and Granlund. Not so sure on Brodin.

B2 said...

I'm curious about the Stanfield perspective but no link is listed.

Ms. Conduct said...


B2 said...

Just peeked at the Iowa Wild jersey on theahl.com Looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone has noticed the ratio of aeros championship banners to rockets hanging in toyota center (which so happen during the two years michael jordan decided to try and play baseball)

i would like to know what is going to happen with them?
surely they won't remain in toyota center

Anonymous said...

I wondered about the championship banners myself. They need to get those before the Toyota Center scumbags get their slimy hands on them.

IAWild said...

So the jersey is pretty funny they put a lot of thought into that one and easy to change to Sioux Falls after next year. Not sure about the player swap today I'm not complaining but don't think that was best for the big club now.

On a side note I'm a little confused why as a season ticket holder my seats cost $63 for 2 in lower attack and they want all the rounds upfront but I can buy the same section for $46 for 2 with no total commitment? Season Ticket Holder Appreciation?? Glad I didn't fall for that one. I'll be calling in my individual playoff order tomorrow with emailed tickets not will call. Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...

so now as per the interim ceo we were being held hostage to the tune of $23,000 per game and the gracious and benevolent clutch city (er choke city) wanted to in essence double the amount?

no choice apparently.

and this from a very sore loser to say the least, minnie could have at least waited until the burial before all the hoopla over the iowa wild.
we are still in the playoffs in case anyone outside of houston is interested.

OldFan said...

I definitely agree that Minnesota should have held off on all the Iowa celebrations and unveiling the jersey. It's like rubbing our noses in out loss and frankly some of us are going to hurt all through the playoffs anyway knowing we have nothing to look forward to next season. We've been good fans for many years...have a little respect for our feelings.

B2 said...

I'm not sure it was meant to "rub our noses" in our loss of the team rather than scramble to get season ticket sales, line up corporate sponsors, and perform other duties that have long been in place here. It's going to be hectic up there for the front office staff for quite a while.

While I'm thinking about it I want to give a shoutout to Heather, John, and Andrew. Thanks for your effort and energy keeping us all informed through this blog.