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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yeo to be named Minnesota Wild head coach

Russo is reporting that Mike Yeo will be announced as the new head coach of the Wild tomorrow. So, the Aeros are on the hunt yet again for a new coach.

Personally, I'm delighted for Mike. I really can't say enough nice things about him as a person and as a coach and he absolutely has earned the opportunity to be a head coach in the NHL.

And as a Wild fan myself, the last two years have been a dreadful experience, so I'm looking forward to watching the sort of team Mike puts on the ice. I will be rooting for him AND for the boys.

I think a good number of them will be guys he's coached down here, if they go for a youth movement up there, so it's a good transition for them, too.

But of course, it's always a bit pins-and-needles time when you get a new coach down here. So here's to the team making another good choice when they fill his big shoes.

All the best of luck to Mike. I hope Wild fans enjoy him as much as we have.

I'm sure we'll (and by we, I mean someone with actual quotes) be back with more before long, but I wanted to get it out there.


y2j77071 said...

Michel therrien comes to mind

B2Bomber said...

Well, according to what I've been reading Yeo would have (likely) gone to another team if Minny didn't move him up....so that's all good. Wiseman probably knew this was coming and made his decision easire. I look for Sydor to move up.

ICEVET said...

An excellent choice and duly earned!!! Looking back in a few years, this decision might very well be the "turning point" in the WILD program....just like Dan Blysma (sp?) was for the Penguins.

Mike Yeo will continue to be an inspiration to his players, fans, and a genuine leader, destined for great achievements to come. He just makes everyone around him BETTER and will always bring honor and respect to the great traditions of the Sport. As for the Aeros, he has set the BAR for those to come and will make the next Aeros team BETTER through his lead role at the WILD.

BYW, Ms. C, I am certain you saw ANTON KHUDOBIN (NO. 35) hugging Tim Thomas, after the horn, last night in Game 7. While Tim Thomas's performance in the final seven games was just awesome, it was great to see Anton (the BUG) finish HIS season as a Winner and get his name in the NHL history books (on the Cup) with the Stanley Cup Champs.

Go Aeros!!!

Forecheck said...

A well deserved promotion for Yeosy!

He might as well go too, since it looks like a mass exodus of players is starting.... boy, we could really suck next season.....

artandhockey said...

Or not...talent is out there, it will just have to tapped.
And 'boys of hockey' will need a place to learn and grow.
Let's just hope the 'gardener' is one with a 'green thumb and lotsa magicgrow' :-)!
Meanwhile good luck to Yeo, he'll need it from all I've read..

ICEVET said...

@ Artandhockey.."lots of magicgrow"

Scotts ("miraclegrow") management now looking at diversification into cannabis (medical marijuana)...perhaps, some food for thought, there, to counsel on "growing talent".....

@ Forecheck.."we could really suck"

Why the anxiety after this season's Calder Run???.....After all, Houston hockey vets know that (i) AHL hockey remains, by definition, a virtual start-over proposition, "every" year and (ii) they have the luxury of another season of local LIVE hockey.....

Go Aeros!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Anton Khudobin, but he probably won't get his name on the cup. You need to play in at least one Stanley Cup final game or the team can add a few names by petition to the cup...usually the trainer/doctor, dentist and other support staff. Anton should get a nice cup ring though!

artandhockey said...

@ ICEVET..thanks for pointing out it is 'miracle' not 'magic' grow.. although a bit of magic would not hurt either!

Forecheck said...

I guess this makes the Aeros the hockey version of "The Craddle of Coaches".

Appropriate since Palmer is on our team (as of today).