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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Max Noreau traded to Devils

It is official - Max Noreau has been traded to the New Jersey Devils for Dave McIntyre.

I will try to get more details on this, but trade has been confirmed by Aeros GM Jim Mill.

Quick thought - this is not a shocker with the number of dmen in the Wild system.
Also, MacIntyre is a center originally drafted by the Dallas Stars in 2006. He recorded 30 points (12 goals, 18 assists) in 78 games for Albany last season.

Both teams pick up something they need with this deal.

Noreau was the "oldest" Aero in sense of his tenure with the team. He and his massive slapshot will be missed.

Best of luck, Max!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be a good thing for Noreau.

Also, thanks for the update. It would be nice if you could post all the moves during the summer (trades, overseas, etc). I don't follow twitter so it's hard to keep up with stuff and T3I is a great place to get all the info.

John Royal said...

Anon: Brandon Buck has signed with a team in Norway. Josh Tordjman has signed to play in Austria.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Max. Very much enjoyed watching you play. Thanks for your help with Kids Unlimited. Hope all good things go your way!

Chris Jerina said...

Going along with John's comments, Jamie Fraser also went to Austria.

Going to miss Max, but happy for the potential opportunities. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Max will be missed. I hope this move will allow him to pursue the ultimate dream of playing in the NHL, something he apparently wasn't going to get with the Wild. Good luck, Max!

Good luck to Jamie, Brandon, Josh too!

Anonymous said...

And J. M. Daoust has gone to Germany. We'll miss all the guys we've grown so fond of, but wish them well in their new pursuits.

Anonymous said...

John and Chris, Thanks for the additional updates!

Anon 1:01

artandhcockey said...

well, well, well.. Europe look out CANADIANS are skating over. Maxim Noreau: best of luck with the NJ Devils.. and he'll be a lot closer to home there than in Europe.. but who knows what's next for him!

At least we will have to get used to a lot more NEW faces at the TC than predviously thought. which willnject some new spirit into fans and shake them out of complacency! :-)!
And how about ANTON KHUDOBIN as in the team of Stanley cup winners!!! Yeah Anton!

Forecheck said...

Good luck Max, we will miss you!