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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And The New Coach of The Admirals Will Be...

While we're all still wondering if we'll have Mike Yeo around next year, or whether he'll be rewarded with the top job with some NHL team somewhere, comes the word that Milwaukee head coach, and former Aero, Lane Lambert is being promoted by the Nashville Predators organization. The word is a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow in which it will be announced that Lambert's been hired on as assistant coach to the Preds, which means the Ads will be in search of a new coach.

Just a reminder that, while the actual hockey is finished for the year, hockey itself is not finished. There'll be more coaching moves to come. AHL/NHL affiliations will be shifting around. The Moose are moving to St. John's, Newfoundland and we're waiting for the AHL to figure out which conference/division in which to place them -- my guess is that the AHL finds a way to keep them in the so-called Western Conference, North Division because the teams in the Eastern Conference don't want to be bothered with all of that far-flung traveling the teams in the Western Conference have to deal with.

There'll be roster changes throughout the league, more coaching changes, and don't forget, the league's moving to a 76-game schedule next year.


Forecheck said...

Yep, I think St. John's will be in the Western Conference, North Division. Aeros road trip in late January, anyone?

Easiest affiliation shift would have Vancouver affiliate with Chicago. Wolves players head to St. John's, Winnepeg players head to Chicago. Gee, who gets the better of that one?

It won't be that simple, though. That's why it is called "Silly Season"

John Royal said...

FC, you make sense. So that's not what's going to happen. The only certainty is that the Winnipeg NHL team will send it's players to St. John's since it owns that team, which means that the Wolves players from this past season, under contract to the Thrashers, get to trade in Chicago for St. John's.

The Wolves will need a new affiliation. Rochester's looking for new affiliation. I've seen talk of Abbotsford shifting from Calgary to Vancouver. And lots, lots more.

I think it's safe to assume that OKC, HOU, TX, and SA will have the same NHL affiliations next year, and that, no matter what happens, the Aeros will still have more three-in-threes than anybody in the league.