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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

What's that they say, pictures are worth a thousand words? Well, I'll throw up some words and some quotes later. But I think the photos say all that there really is to say.


CatTrick said...

Thanks John. I always appreciate good photos. The one of Sully, tho ... that's over the top breath-taking. WOW! I think maybe that one says 2000 words, and it cuts straight to the heart.

sam said...

Incredible pics, and you are right that says it all. Terribly painful to look at for guys with such heart. Sounds like they were very committed to one another and what an incredible effort and ride to bring this team all the way to the Calder cup finals. Congrats to the team and the coaches for all that work to get here. Nice reading these reports here too!
Oh and a special thanks to the AHL for the technical difficulties cutting out the game in the last minute, lol! (actually they probably did me a favour as the last few minutes of that game was killing me).

Nick in New York said...

John - you and your camera are invaluable to our experience as fans. Much appreciated.

Tracy B said...

Thanks for the pics, your right no words were needed. The one of Peters gets to me, I just imagine him thinking "again?"..followed by a bunch of curse words. It has got to be heart breaking for him, he just appears to be a player that leaves it all out there much like the rest of the team this season. Thanks for sharing!