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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hockey? In Reliant Stadium? In September?

So Andrew posted the story on the "preseason" game to be played at Reliant Stadium. And while I like the idea of a preseason game in Houston, the idea of playing it at that lifeless hanger known as Reliant Stadium, in September, just strikes me as a monumentally bad idea.

I've got some thoughts on this, and I posted them over at the mothership today. Let's just say that I'm troubled at the lack of involvement from the Aeros, the venue, the lack of an agreement with Reliant, and the lack of involvement on the part of the Toyota Center and Les Alexander.

In the comments I was shocked to discover that Phoenix does actually have a fan, and that somebody thought it was my job to write positive PR for hockey so that the sport will grow. I think if you ask my editor at the Press he would probably say that I write too many positive things about hockey when he would much prefer to see me bitching about the Texans, Astros, or Rockets.

But just in case you, dear readers, don't know it: I like hockey. I want hockey to grow in Houston. I want the NHL here on a full-time basis because it bugs me that Dallas has a team and we don't. I just wish that this Coyotes/Stars game at Reliant Stadium made more sense to me because, right now, it just has "failure" written all over it which, in turn, will shine this gigantic negative light on the city of Houston.

But what do I know, right?


AiH said...

Does Reliant Stadium have the equipment required to build a rink? Or will the NHL have to come to town with their Winter Classic traveling set up?

If they have proper refrigeration, keep the roof shut and get the humidity down it could work.

This all seems weird though, especially for a preseason game with two road teams. Perhaps it is all as simple as someone in Phoenix or Dallas saying, "Reliant Stadium" instead of "Toyota Center" on accident.

artandhockey said...

NHL in Houston? Pipedream.
Ticket Prices most likely way too high for most people except the ULTRA HARD CORE FANS.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that someone in Dallas or Phoenix typed in "Stadium" instead of "Arena." Granted Reliant Arena is a joke, but it makes sense.

Forecheck said...

Why would Reliant Aarena be a good venue? No ice and not much seating.

Forecheck said...

Game cancelled, cost of temporary rink cited. NHL attempts to wipe egg of their face.