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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rumor Time!


I have to stir the pot a little bit; the offseason is already driving me crazy.
I do have a chat planned with Jim Mill next week. Just want to get his thoughts on the season and the team he built for that very exciting Calder Cup run.

How much fun was that?

Moving on ...

The first and biggest question on everyone's mind is will Mike Yeo and Daryl Sydor be back next year to coach the Aeros? Well, do the Wild want to go with an experienced head coach or do they want to take another chance on a rookie coach?

And if they do that, who comes to Houston to run the show for Season No. 18?

I think the Wild DO promote Yeo. I think he takes Darryl Sydor with him and I think the Wild make the playoffs in 2013. My hunch is based solely on the fact that I don't think the Wild want to miss out on Yeo. Talk around the league is that Yeo is a true up-and-comer. If the Wild don't hire him now, someone else will nab him.

This is not a new theory, and I am not claiming it as such. I am just saying that this is what I think will happen.

And for another bold prediction, let me tell you who I think will lead the Aeros next season: Terry Ruskowski.

Ruskowski was the modern Aeros first coach in 1994-96, losing his job in the middle of the second season.

Most recently, he coached the Laredo Bucks until he parted ways with that organization after last season. He was in town quite a bit during the latter part of the postseason run and even worked with the black aces.

He was on the road with the team in the finals helping out.

I am sure Mill will get a ton of resumes the second if/when Yeo moves on the NHL. Certainly Ruskowski will throw his name into the hat. What a story that would make if the former teacher replaces the former student?

Your thoughts?

Here are Ruskowski's stats courtesy of www.hockeydb.com


artandhockey said...

I do believe it possible.

He was sooo visible during the play offs.. and he has a home in Houston.
I did mention it to a friend just this morning that I felt he was angling for something ...insight in mind!
But head coach?

Ms. Conduct said...

Not convinced the Wild hire Yeo, but I do think if Yeo leaves, Roscoe is a solid bet for Aeros coach.

Or I could be completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

HMM I wondering about the year he was fired was that lack of talent or lack coaching skill

Forecheck said...

The Wild would be stupid not to hire Yeosy, which why he just might be here or in Ottawa next season.

Ruskowski? Please, give me a break. He failed here once before, why risk going through that all over again? Sure, he's a goood AA coach. Daum was a good college coach and a really nice guy - how did he do in the AHL when he no longer had a team that could essentially motivate itself?

Anonymous said...

I always get a bit concerned when someone is described as a "players coach"......what does that mean to you? To me it means to chummy to get respect. Just sayin'.

Forecheck said...

@Anon - could also be a guy who can get his players to walk through Hell in a gasoline suit for him. That's the coach you want.

lshort78 said...

Totally off subject, and I apologize - BUT, anyone know if there is a link to the video they showed before the last game? It was moving and I'd like to show it to my friend who wasn't able to attend. ALSO, anyone know where I can find the sound bite of "everybody clap your hands"?!

I miss our Aeros already, hurry up offseason!

Ms. Conduct said...

Is this the one you're looking for? https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150631667045392&oid=113375183321&comments

Dangit. Got all weepy again hearing the air raid siren at the end...

Here's the other, though not the same remix the Aeros use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb6pJ4AEOoI

Anonymous said...

More off topic. Anton was with the Bruins in Vancouver. He gets a ring!!!

Anonymous said...

More off topic. Anton was with the Bruins in Vancouver. He gets a ring!!!

I saw him there, but I thought a player had to play a certain number of games, or a certain amount of time, in order to get a ring and have his name on the cup.

Ms. Conduct said...

He won't get his name on the cup, but the ring is up to the team, I believe.

I've heard of another guy in the exact same situation and he was basically given a choice of a ring or a day with the cup. You HAVE to take the day with the cup there. Nothing can touch that.

Forecheck said...

Yeah, you can buy the ring on EBay in a few years.

lshort78 said...

YES! Thank you Ms. Conduct! You're awesome!