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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ortmeyer and Bagnall back in the fold

The Wild have re-signed forward Jed Ortmeyer and defenseman Drew Bagnall.
Both will spend a good chunk of time in Houston, but they will get their chances to play in Minnesota, too.

I think Bagnall was a lock to come back, but Ortmeyer was probably a little iffy. Having Yeo in St. Paul probably helped that cause.

Bagnall is a two-year deal; Ortmeyer is for one.

Congrats to Fletcher, Jim Mill and Co. for getting these two back in the fold.


Anonymous said...

Yipeee.. I like that O in next
season's AEROS.
And Bagnall is good, too!
He does bag his foes ;-)!

Chris Jerina said...

Consider me pleasantly surprised to see Bagnall back for not only the upcoming season but an additional season to that.

Also glad to see Jed returning, what a solid player he has been.

ICEVET said...

Great news for Aeros fans!

Recent moves (including the DRAFT) by the WILD to focus on young talent and build a perennial winner from the bottoms-up look very promising.

Bagnell and Ortmeyer (over 300 NHL games) will be essential pieces to the backbone of the new Aeros team and the extended WILD depth chart.

Go Aeros!

CatTrick said...

Hearing that Ortmeyer will be back is THE news I've been waiting for. I'm also very happy about Bagnall. I wouldn't mind seeing Morency on the roster, either!