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Friday, April 15, 2011

View from the Pressbox - Aeros take commandnig 2-0 lead with OT winner from Carson McMillan

First of all ... that prediction earlier today was for you Joe O'Donnell. Love my awful track record in that department, eh?.

Now let's talk about some hockey. Hats off to all 5,283 of you who were in the stands ooohing and ahhing and chanting "let's go Aeros" without the assistance of some scoreboard telling you to do so.

Very nice. The building was alive tonight, and I literally got goose bumps. Why do I love playoff hockey? That's why.

What a night by Jake Allen, but the Aeros were going for the kill after a little bit of a lapse there late in the third period. And for the game-winner, how about a little patience from Carson McMillan to not only wait for Palmer to join the play, but to keep his stick on the ice (or very near it) when that puck floated just to the left of the Peoria netminder.

Game. Set and a 2-0 lead in the match.

Game's 3-5 switch to Peoria now, and the Rivermen are going to have to win at least two of them to send the series back to Texas.

The PP wasn't great, but they got one goal when they really needed it. Mike Yeo was very complimentary of the PK, even with the one goal against in that department.

Look, the key in this game - and the series so far - is the Aeros ability to bounce back when they allow a goal. The Rivermen had two one-goal leads Friday for a total of what? Less then 100 seconds?

We are seeing the fruits of leadership, systems and a confident goalie right now. The Aeros need to keep that up early next week.


Forecheck said...

A few random comments :

We were lucky to win this one. Very lucky.

At this point in the season, I will take luck, or anything else, which gets us a win. Including an out-of-season hurricane in Peoria next week that relocates all the final five scheduled games of the series to Houston.

Yes, hats off to those who can cheer without being told to by the PA guy. But "the wave" in overtime of a plyoff game? Maybe that's why we didn't get the Space Shuttle. Or a least there's a common reason for both.

I do like the way these guys respond to a Peoria goal. But it might be easier if we scored first and let them try to respond for a change. Maybe a little extra caffine in their pre-game latte?

OK, we do have a PPG each game, which is nothing to sneeze at, but the situation is we get one goal and the other six or seven PPs are dreadful. I'm not sure it's all Peoria's PK, either. I think we are giving them a lot of help killing their penalties. At least we have our PK more or less fixed (knock on wood). That was a huge concern going in.

Robbie Earl. 'Nuff said.

Thought Palmer had a good game too. Certainly didn't look like he was in his second pro playoff game.

Are we going to set a record in this series for cross-checks not called? There must have been at least four on each team. I thought two refs were supposed to catch this stuff away from the puck - - though several of them were not away from the puck.

Really impressive OT surge after coming out a little sleepy the first two minutes or so. Could have won the game about three times instead of once.

OK, was that Sully wearing #16 or someone else tonight - at least part time? Yes, I know he had an assist. Maybe I was just watching at all the wrong times, but the word Yeosy has used in similar circumstances is "cute". Perhaps the key against the Rivermen is more blue-collar hockey and less "cute".

On the third period non-goal/train wreck - I assume no goal because the net came off before the puck went in? Anybody get a look from behind?

Now, seriously people - - 5,200 on a Friday night playoff game??? That's probably lower than regular season average for all 40. Yes, the Astros were in town, but to those of you who follow both, would you really pass up a playoff game to watch a regular season game of a team that will be somewhat lucky to not finish last in the National League?

Anonymous said...

I thought the game was great, a nail biter for sure, but i thought the aeros showed their depth tonight.

The third and fourth lines are playing so well. I thought Almond was great tonight along the boards.
O'Sullivan and Wellman came alive in the 2nd and 3rd and had some space to show their incredible skill. Both had great plays that could have ended the game.

These games are great when they show they can fight through adversity, coming back twice from behind to score goals.

Loved the pp goal, beautiful feed from O'Sullivan and great finish from Rau. I hope they can capitalize a little more on the pp over the course of the next few games, considering the number of pp's they draw.

For me, I thought Robbie Earl was pretty quiet tonight which is okay, he is such a force game to game.

ICEVET said...

A view from the Audience:

The Overtime period (16 SOG in ~10 minutes...and who knows how many hits and checks) was hockey at its (AHL) best. Thankfully, the refs let them play without interruption.

The maturation of this Team continues under the direction of the Aeros talented coaching staff..."luck" always seems to favor those who are best prepared.

Some may not yet agree that Jed Ortmeyer has become the SOUL of this team, but he was, once again and as always, everywhere, last night, doing all of the intangible things to win.

Finally, it seemed only appropriate, in this hard-fought contest, that Carson McMillan's WINNER came off a neutral ice turnover by a veteran Peoria defenseman (Brennan Evans) who was earlier robbed of a goal by an outstanding Matt Hackett save.

Go Aeros!!!