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Friday, April 1, 2011

Aeros lose 5-2 to MKE

A few years ago, we went to Bennigan's or some place and I had "Death by Chocolate" for dessert. I assumed the actual death part was exaggerated, but I was wrong. I ended up getting really sick after I ate it and stayed that way for several days after.

Similarly, the "Penalty Kill" isn't actually meant to kill anyone, but it sure does seem to be killing the Aeros, one goal at a time.

Tonight's 5-2 loss to Milwaukee looked nearly identical to Thursday's loss to Chicago, with the exception of a strong first period that saw the Aeros up 2-1 into the second.

However, the Aeros were down to 5 defensemen tonight as Falk and Noreau were called up to replace a couple of those fragile Wild d-men for their game tomorrow. So while some of the shenanigans can be forgiven, I'm not sure the wheels needed to fall off quite like they did.

Another parade to the box (including multiple 5 on 3 chances and a completely unnecessary double minor by Hackett) and penalty kill failures left and right led to 4 unanswered goals in the second.

Moreover, it forced Yeo to yank Hackett for the second game in a row, he lost his cool again (this time to the tune of 14 PIM for roughing and misconduct... insert your own joke), and shows us that regardless of how much he thought he wanted the #1 spot, he wasn't ready for the ups and downs it would bring his way.

Look, sometimes the team in front of you stinks and there's a point where you have to remind yourself that it's a team sport and get some perspective on the goals against. Blowing up, losing focus, losing confidence in your ability to play the game... it doesn't do anybody any good.

Energy flows between the goalie and his team. When the team sucks, the goalie starts to overthink, second guess, and play tentatively. Which makes the goalie suck. The team sees the goalie sucking and starts to panic and over-complicate their game. Which just makes them suck even worse.

Somewhere in there, the cycle has to get short-circuited. And the logical place is in goal. This happens either when the goalie gets the hook and Tordjman, who is pretty unflappable and probably just happy to be playing, comes in. OR the #1 goalie gets up after a couple of goals, has a drink, pushes out the negative thoughts, and gathers himself for the next shot.

I tell ya, the absolute worst thing ever is when a goalie gets angry with his own team. It's the ugliest feeling in hockey and it will sink the ship faster than you can say, "Is that a chunk of ice we just ran into?"

So... someone needs to get in Hackett's head and release the pressure valve because he is wound tighter than an 8 day clock. He was clearly having fun and relishing his enhanced role after Khudobin was traded, but now that things are "heavy"... boy does it show in his body language and reactions and discipline.

Some of you boys please take him out and get him drunk when you get back to town.

Andrew will have more on the playoff implications tomorrow, but the Aeros are now 4 points out of first and the Stars are 6 points behind the Aeros after beating Chicago tonight with 5 games in hand. 


Anonymous said...

Goodbye home ice advantage. :( They've had some bad games, but last night and tonight actually scare me. They look like they've really lost it and it's very sad. (The word verification is 'poutt' and that's what I'm doing.)

artandhockey said...

So the teams looses a couple guys to call ups.
The 'Wundergoalie' turns out to be just another human youngster.
And the team plays in shades of the start of the season!

It was a hard and sad game to listen to - as Aeros supporter.

Come on, guys, you're supposed to be professionals and ought to know better.

Ah, well, we all suffer from human frailty, I guess!

Forecheck said...

Just what the hell is wrong with these guys? They qualify for the playoffs, then they implode? Just what are they showing to the brass in Minnesota? That they have a bunch of immature and unprofessional athletes here in Houston that qualify for the playoffs then finish the season by losing eight straight?

I don't know if Yeosy has a big enough bull whip to handle this, but he had better get one.

They have the Wolves tonight at All-State. If the Aeros continue to play this way, I'm thinking 9-2 at the second intermission (with four PPG surrendered).

Anonymous said...

Wow did Hackett lose it last night!

The refs saved him twice, the game should have been 7-2.

He sucked! It was like the Aeros had an empty net out there last night.

Looks like the division is lost, tough loss.

Time to go Wolf hunting tonight, revenge is revenge.

CatTrick said...

Good insight from a goaltender's perspective. Considering that a year ago, the team was struggling to finish the season at .500, being 4 points out of 1st place doesn't seem so bad ...

ICEVET said...

To all of the negative commentors, I would suggest that you simply "relax and enjoy the GAME". After all, there will be a first Calder round (and, who knows, perhaps a second.....) so why (@Forecheck) all of the "hard talk" and melancholy???

Serious hockey fans know that the Game is driven by MOMENTUM shifts, in particular, highlighted by the last 120 minutes of Aeros hockey. Does anyone remember the early season 8-2 loss to OKC or the late 8-1 win over the IceHogs?

The HUMAN CONDITION is what it is, and 20-year old Matt Hackett will find a way through this "period of adversity" to elevate his game and earn the renewed confidence of his Team.

Go Aeros!!!

That guy said...

Rumor has it that Fletcher and Mill were both in Milwaukee for this game.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that you wont compliment the team on a great game, but you will tear them up for a couple bad games. They will settle down on their own and pull it back together.

Forecheck said...

Fletcher and Mill were there?

This team has a lonnnng history of not playing well when the brass are watching. Years long.

Anonymous said...

Who is the retard that wrote this bs? Probly hasnt played a day of hockey in his life haha

Ms. Conduct said...

Actually, the retard plays hockey (goalie) 2 or 3 times a week. :) If you had a different take on the game, we'd love to hear it.