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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts from Last Night and Daoust Audio

Gosh, last night was just a miserable affair. Not only did we have to suffer through the rousing success of Andre "The Giant Dbag" Deveaux, but also the utter failure of the team I lauded just a few days earlier for playing exactly the opposite of how they played last night.

It was to be expected, though. Well, maybe not expected, but it didn't come as a total shock. The level of intensity required for this team to put up decisive wins is pretty high, especially against a team fighting for their playoff lives. You can want it really badly but still not find the will to suffer for it when push comes to shove.

And to tell you the truth, I don't think home ice matters all that much. I don't have numbers to back it up, but it seems to me that the big key has just been to get in the door. And what you do from there is what really matters... not so much where you do it. But like Yeo said last night, it's more about the mentality going into the playoffs. How hard is it going to be to flip that switch back into playoff mode if they're phoning it in the rest of this weekend?

Anyway, one bright spot was talking to JM Daoust after the game. He was a scratch but was nice enough to take a couple of minutes to talk to us about his Man of the Year selection by the Aeros. Honestly, he could read the newspaper to me in that French-Canadian accent and I'd be smiling and cooing, plus he's just a funny guy.

It's kind of hard to hear, but the gist of the convo is he's talking about some of the things he and the guys do to help out around the community. First thing he talks about is going to the outdoor rink at Discovery Green and skating with the kids. He said the rink is small and the kids don't know how to skate, so they just go from board to board and BOOM into the boards. And their parents can't skate either so they can't help.

Then he was trying to say something but could only think of it in French. He managed to get out what he wanted to say in English and Andrew asked for it in French anyway (which I was grateful for because I just wanted him to keep talking). No dice but he was still hopelessly charming.

Here's a link to the audio in case this embedding thing on Blogger doesn't work.


Ally said...

The Aeros played like they had just come off playing 7 games in 10 days or something. Total lack a work ethic and just being lazy. I don't think I've ever yelled at individual players so much in a single game as I did last night. Hopefully they will learn the lesson that needed to be learned and put on the big boy pants to play some decent hockey. It would also be helpful if we could get some decent refs.

JM totally just made me smile and get all girly with the giggles sitting at my desk. :) Thanks for sharing!!

ICEVET said...

JM was the SOUL of the 2009-10 Aeros Team, contributing over 20 goals and over 50 points (as part of the FIRST line) to an otherwise forgettable offense.

This seasib, he has done a commendable job in embracing Coach Yeo's System and making his SECONDARY line member(s) better players and more productive, notwithstanding the sacrifice to his point production.

The competitive spirit, strong character, and huge heart which JM brings to the SPORT will contribute to his continuing success after Hockey.

Go Aeros!!!