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Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Defibrillator, Please

Few points since I haven't written over here in a while. I get pretty wrapped up in my PHN writing during the playoffs, so I apologize for the lack of the usual Ms.C nonsense and drama.

I'll give it to you by the numbers to start:

# of times I said "F**k" over the course of tonight's game - 47,000 (don't judge me)
# of times I've almost cried during the series - 2
# of wicked shiners Colton Gillies has - 1
# of earplugs I had to wear because the audio was DEAFENING - 2
# of fans cheering the Aeros on tonight - 5,000+
# of fans Carson McMillan told us it sounded like - 10,000

And that brings me to what Andrew said about the energy of the crowd tonight. I remember round ones of old and usually they are sparsely attended, only by the diehardiest of the diehards, it seems.

But folks are coming out, and they're folks who know hockey enough to really get after the other team at just the right time. That was as loud and jubilant and INTO IT as I've seen a crowd all year. I'm not sure how you can complain about attendance when the building had that kind of energy.

I'd love to poopoo the wave because the wave is never ever cool. But honestly, that late in the game, it's all about keeping the energy up and the crowd in it.

I wish I could say I have warm fuzzies crawling all over me right now thanks to the amazing atmosphere (which even Mr.C, who is as stuck in the Summit-era days as much as many of you long-timers, said it reminded him of those days).

But the reality is the next three games are going to be a one hellacious grind and I just hope the guys survive in once piece.

Anyway, here's my gamer with some quotes and whatnot.


Forecheck said...

Agree on the need for the defib, and also with McMillan. I've been told by some of the ushers that the average Aeros game is noisier than the average Rockets game. I guess at one game people go to cheer their team, at the other people go to be seen.

However, I would contend that crowd SHOULD have been 10,000....

SLBatPHN said...


My question is...why wasn't this strategy in place WEDNESDAY night?

The hard hitting is what beat Chicago to clinch the post-season berth and almost beat Milwaukee the next night.

Now (hopefully) three games at home.

Forecheck said...

Agree on the need for the defib, Ms. And also on the noise level. The PA noise level that is.

I've talked to a couple of ushers who told me that the Aeros games have more fan noise than the typical Rockets game. One set of fans goes to cheer the team on, another goes to the games to be seen at the games, I guess.