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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

View from the Press Box - Aeros take 1-0 lead against Peoria

I can just about promise you that Dean Arsene won't be minus-2 on Friday, and Graham Mink REALLY wants that stupid penalty back that he took right in front of the referee with the game tied 1-1.

Earl's goal started a series of events that led to a dominating win over the Peoria Rivermen, who will have to win four of the next six games to beat the Aeros in the playoffs for the first time.

The Aeros won the game 4-1 and lead the series 1-0 because of timely goals and the ability to respond when maybe they didn't have close to the kind of start they really needed. But, as they did so many times later in the year, they fought back, rebounded after Cracknell's goal just 76 seconds in, and dominated the game.

The Gillies, Peters, Ortmeyer line was beautiful tonight. Hackett rebounded nicely after allowing the early score, and the Aeros kept the Rivermen off the board by sending them to the penalty box time and time again. If you want to know how to beat Peoria, this is the game you want to play.

Sure, the Aeros were far from perfect. The Rivermen have a great penalty kill and after Earl scored, the Aeros got off just three shots on their remaining five power plays.

The Aeros have won six straight series in which they have won the first game, and they improved to 17-10 all time in Game 1s. They are 12-3 in such games at home and are 2-0 against Peoria in Game 1s at Toyota Center.

The Aeros better be ready for an all out blitz on Friday. Peoria knows that going home down 2-0 pretty much means they are going to have to win all three of their home games. While such a feat is not unprecedented, it is not likely.

Fans, you saw a great hockey game Wednesday night. It would be most enjoyable to see it repeated in less than 48 hours.


Forecheck said...

There were a lot of things I liked about the Aeros game tonight :

1) Not panicking after the early Rivermen oal - they stuck to the system.

2) The, ah, FORECHECK, was awesome at times. It really contributed to the power play opportunities.

3) Good defensive discipline and shot blocking. See "staying with the system".

4) Robbie Earl

5) The PK looked like it knew what it was doing for a change.

Two things do need to improve - the start and the PP. OK, so I'll attribute the start to nerves this time. Though I recall getting a PPG, most of the power plays were simply dreadfull, even for playing a team with a stron PK.

Stick with the system, Stick with the system, stick with the system....

IanNFisher12 said...

Thanks for the praise of the ice crew, I was on it tonight, first time, Minnesota's GM wanted the playoffs to look "more professional" in the words of Josh Young, so I guess we'll be here throughout the playoffs, just a side note, did anyone see the 360 I had to do around Kassian, I think I saw my life flash before my eyes.

ICEVET said...

The Aeros System can be VERY impressive when it is working well.....and it was, tonight. Every Line seemed to be riveted to the System...with disciplined forechecks, offensive zone possession and pucks to the net, keeping the pressure on the Peoria defense.

I thought that the 2-referee unit was effective in exposing the Rivermen's frequent mental mistakes (16 PIM) while calling a balanced game overall.

Finally, Jed Ortmeyer's "gutsy" GOAL and forechecking, in particular, was really emblematic of the character and effort which the Team brought to this Game.

Go Aeros!!!