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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aeros To Face Peoria; First Game On Wednesday

Sorry, I've been handling stuff for the mothership, and booking travel, so this is a bit delayed....

The Aeros put on a rather impressive performance today, defeating the Barons 6-3 in for win number 46. That number, Mike Yeo told us after the game, was the win total the team set for themselves on the day of game number one. So well done.

Today's game was more impressive when you consider that they still have many key players in Minnesota. Key players who, according to Yeo, will be arriving in Houston in time for practice tomorrow so they can be reintegrated into the team. Returning will be Jared Spurgeon, Max Noreau, Drew Bagnall, Carson McMillan, and Colton Gillies. Marco Scandella was already here, but though he's been injured, he's been skating with the team and will be ready to go on Wednesday.

The Aeros opponent will be the Peoria Rivermen. Games one and two will be in Houston on Wednesday night and on Friday. Games three, four, and five will be in Peoria next week. And, due to building availability issues in Peoria, the Aeros will be, are you ready for this, playing a three--in-three. That seems fitting though, that the Aeros would play a three-in-three (this will be the only opening playoff series featuring a three-in-three by the way). The games will be on Monday, April 18, Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20. Should there be a need for games six and seven, they will be in Houston Friday, April 22 and Sunday, April 24.

Yeo said the team is healthy, and that it got through today's game with no further injury concerns.

And keeping with the precedent we set when T3I got underway, we will be in Peoria for games four and five -- well, we're still waiting for the Aeros to get us the media credentials, but all of the travel and hotel stuff is set. So stick with us for continued playoff coverage.


Forecheck said...

Sheesh - will the lousy scheduling in this league not cease? I mean, this is the playoffs, guys - for just once will you spend some money on your league for a change rather than running it as a 100% nickel and dime operation? Like playing 2-2-1-1-1 like real leagues do? Like not scheduling four games in five days so the teams actually can play better hockey in front of the fans who are paying to watch?

And also thanks for placing two games on the two most important religious holidays on some peoples' schedules?

Well, on to the team - good but incomplete effort tonight. The PK has me seriously worried, and even the poor even strength clearing lead to two goals. Fortunately, Gerber didn't bring his "A" game or even his "B".

Robbie Earl was awesome - not just three assists, but he also drew two penalties that lead to PPGs with his hustle alone. Definitely better than a third star!

Ms. Conduct said...

Earl should just have a permanent star. He's always a force.

ICEVET said...

@ Andrew Ferraro's COMMENT...to my comment on his Tuesday March 29 (ORTMEYER)Post:

"Home ice will be huge in first round, unlike the 2009 playoffs, this round will be in the more manageable 2-2-1-1-1 format....you don't have to win two of three on the road to win the series"

Obviously, the first round format is now 2-3-2, NOT as you stated on March 29. Has the AHL done an "about-face" on scheduling first round play...over the last 13 days...or were you just simply misinformed when you making your original statement????

Go Aeros!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

Icevet, if it had been vs. TX or OKC (any team within 500 miles), it would be as Andrew stated. But to save $$$, series further apart go to 2-3-2 scheduling.

It sure was looking like Texas for a couple of weeks there. Kinda bummed I don't get to do some roadies to Austin!

Forecheck said...

@ICE - As I recall, 2-2-1-1-1 is only in effect as an option for teams less than 300 miles apart (bus range). Also the teams involved have to agree to pick up incremental travel costs if they agree to this schedule.

At least that's how it has been in the past.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Nothing's changed. The format is 2-2-1-1-1 if the two teams are located less than 500 miles apart. In that example, I was referring to a potential series with the Texas Stars, who intentionally played to lose both games this weekend so they would not have to face the Aeros.

Forecheck said...

@Andrew - I don't think the Stars want to play the Ads. I think it was probably exhaustion.

John Royal said...

@FC: The scheduling's a Peoria issue, not the league. Elton John performs in Peoria on Sunday, April 17, and Cirque de Soleil is there on Friday, April 22 and Saturday April, 23. So there is a four-day window to play three games. They could take a day off and play a game on Thursday, but then they run into an issue with Toyota Center which has a concert scheduled for Saturday the 23rd.

As for the 2-3-2 format, that is a common format that is used a lot during the MLB playoffs and the NBA Finals.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Perhaps, because of their heavy schedule down the stretch they chose to rest key players this weekend with a chance to steal home ice from the Aeros. Look at their box scores, look at their season record against the Admirals (5-0-1)...trust me; they tanked it.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Check that. Make it 5-1-0 Texas was against MKE during the regular season. And be sure to take a gander at the Hundred degree hockey blog and their take on the Stars' last few games. Look at who they rested against OKC and San Antonio.

ICEVET said...

Peoria matches up (with the Aeros) BETTER than any other WEST team the Aeros could have drawn in the first round.

Aeros fans can only hope that history does not repeat itself. With 3 losses to Peoria at Toyota and 1 at Carver Arena, the Aeros were able to beat Peoria only twice (only 1 during regulation-with Hackett) during the season.

The Rivermen are the most penalized (20 PIM pg) team in the WEST, with the tenacity to win close games in the third period or extra innings, particularly with Jake Allen or Ben Bishop in goal. With an advantage in Special Teams, the Rivermen will be a very formidable opponent.

Go Aeros!!!

John Royal said...

@Icevet, fair point, but it should be noted that the Aeros won two of the three games the teams played once the current "playoff" roster came into being, i.e., once Ortmeyer and O'Sullivan joined the team.

Two of the losses came, I believe, in the first month of the season, when it looked like the Rivermen would be the class of the division and when it looked like the Aeros would be lucky to finish in sixth.

This is, however, a very, very scary match-up, much as the match-up in 2009 was very scary when they had Manny Legace in goal.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

And don't forget that one of the "home" losses was at Xcel energy center in St. Paul. I am still sizing things up, but my early thought is that this series may not get back to Houston. I think one side is going to dominate. Still looking though; we'll see.

SLBatPHN said...

This is the third trip tot he AHL playoffs for the Rivs and the third time they've face Houston.