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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Brief Playoff Update

The Stars and Rivermen won their games tonight. With those wins, both teams clinched playoff spots. Texas defeated Milwaukee, which means that Milwaukee has yet to clinch the one seed in the playoffs, which means that it's still possible for the Aeros get to spot.

The Aeros have yet to clinch home ice for the first round because it's still possible that the Stars can tie them when it comes to total points. And there's still one final playoff spot to be decided as Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Chicago are still battling with Abbotsford for the crossover spot into the North Division.

A Barons win over the Stars tomorrow night cements the number two seed, and home ice for the first round, for the Aeros. The Oklahoma City win would also guarantee that they get the cross-over spot. Milwaukee goes to Peoria tomorrow night, and if the Rivermen can defeat the Admirals, then the Aeros, amazingly, would still be in the fight for home ice throughout the Western Conference playoffs. The win would also guarantee that Peoria would be at least the four seed and not crossing over to the North. And the Rampage and the Wolves will be playing each other and hoping that OKC and Abbotsford lose.

Confused? I am. Kind of. But know this. If the Aeros can find a way to win on Sunday, then no matter what happens the rest of the weekend they will be the number two seed and have home ice for the first round.

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Anonymous said...

Saturday results are in.

Milwaukee clinches 1st place.
Aeros clinch 2nd place.

Looks to me like 3rd, 4th, and 5th are still up for grabs.

Texas 92 pts, 1 game remaining, 35 ROW
Peoria 92 pts, season complete, 36 ROW
OK City 91 pts, 1 game remaining, 35 ROW

OK City could vault into 3rd with a win on Sunday coupled with a non-win by Texas. Peoria would win the tie-breaker with Texas if Texas loses in regulation on Sunday.

So the Aeros could face any of those three in the first round.