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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Respect, No Respect

Dear AHL,

You suck. I caught your Morning Skate post on the website this morning, and noticed your three stars. I know the Aeros only won by a 2-1 score last night, but you would think that the first team to advance to the next round of the playoffs, and the first team this season to do so in a sweep, would merit at least having one guy, like say Patrick O'Sullivan, as at least the third star.

Then again, I guess netting the game-winning, series-clinching goal isn't as important as a guy getting three assists to take the playoff scoring lead.

So, once again, you suck.


Anonymous said...

That does really suck! Big time!

Anonymous said...


AHL PR said...

Dear John,

Thanks for the letter. As we're sure you can imagine, it's not always easy picking three players to spotlight on any given night, especially when there are eight playoff games on the same day.

Patrick O'Sullivan, Drew Bagnall, Matt Hackett and the rest of the Aeros should be proud of their accomplishment. We'd bet none of them lost any sleep last night over not being picked as one of the Stars of the Night. Maybe they were able to take some solace in the big celebration photo we included in our news rotator.

We're sorry you think we suck. We think you and the gang at The Third Intermission are pretty cool. Maybe we can hash out our differences over a beverage if the Aeros reach the Calder Cup Finals.


Ms. Conduct said...

If I say you suck, can I have a beverage, too? :)

Honestly, doesn't seem like a big deal. Every series played last night. The word that comes to my mind is:


Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Gotta love the AHL ... big kudos for the reply here. They can take criticism and still have a good funny bone in place over the whole thing. I think that speak volumes about the kind of folks in charge up there.

Not to kiss too much tail here, but it must be said that the guys in Springfield have been very helpful to us throughout the run this season.

Jason and AJ do a stand-up job and surely they know that we'll disagree from time to time. While I know this is hard to believe (foreshadowing of sarcasm), we *do* make mistakes from time to time.

Their media relations team, on several occasions, has checked in with us to make we don't embarrass ourselves ... too much.

While I don't think the AHL sucks (guess I won't get a beer) I do think O'Sullivan deserved to get one of the three stars. Bud Holloway's three helpers against an obviously punchless Bingo team, I don't think, outshines the game-winner in what will be the only first round sweep in the AHL this season.

While this nightly honor may not appear to be that big of a deal in the grand scheme, it is a big deal to those of us that read everything the AHL puts out to make sure a) we know what is going on with the league and b) how the Aeros are presented those that follow the second best hockey league in the world.

John Royal said...

Free alcohol works for me. And excuse my reaction, I saw the beating that O'Sullivan was enduring last night, so I thought that deserved something.

will said...

Ha! Wow. Nice response, AHL!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with the last two paragraphs of Andrew's statement. O'Sullivan deserved recognition and as a fan I care.

Forecheck said...

A little post-game testiness, John?

We have enough problems with the local media which are far more important than a percieved slight from the league's web site in term of building fan support in Houston.

FWIW, Tuesday morning "Dumb and Dumber" - otherwise known as the young morning anchors on Channel 11 - said the Aeros were one game away from winning the Calder Cup. Yup, they actually said that.

No wonder I rarely watch Ch 11 in the mornings anymore.

But at least it was a mention with the team's logo displayed. Some stations aren't even giving us that.

B2Bomber said...

What's the prospetus on the new hire Bulmer? Don't know much about him.....anyone....?


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any video highlights on the Aeros web site, so I went over to Peoria's. Great video of the three goals (one of Peoria's and the Aeros' two)there. Bagnall's goal was amazing and O'Sullivan's a thing of beauty.

ICEVET said...

Yesterday's press release by the "new" NBCU (Comcast-Versus + NBC Universal JV) regarding its 10-year "exclusive" TV deal with the NHL contained some "clues" as to why the local sports media class appears NOT TO GET the Aeros.

First, local stations usually follow the LEAD of their corporate benefactor...i.e. Channel 13 cannot be expected to follow Houston hockey if ESPN has been shut-out of NHL TV coverage (AND of course, the Winter Olympics).

Second, Nielsen Co. ratings indicate that, "while NHL hockey audiences are growing slowly, they remain a fraction of the viewers of other US major team sports, as the leagues (NHL and AHL) struggle to find new fans in the South".

Finally, as Aeros hockey fans have come to realize, Houston's Sports Media Class, for a variety of reasons, simply has not made the "intellectual investment" necessary to truly understand the sport of hockey and its wonderful traditions....AND, not understood, HOCKEY is ignored in favor of MLB, MLS, NBA, Friday night football, local softball leagues (etc) and salacious stories connected to those sports and their 300+ Million Dollar stadiums/arenas.

Even a "super-talented" Aeros Marketing team would find these "barriers to entry" daunting.

Go Aeros!!

B2Bomber said...

you can get video highlights of games free over at AHL.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks, B2, I didn't know that!