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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post Trade Deadline Wrap-up

Not often the Aeros get a new player who's hoisted the Cup. Steve Kampfer during his day with the Cup. Photo by bostonbruinsTV

In the aftermath of yesterday's NHL trade deadline, the Aeros actually get a pretty good player out of the deal.

The team only made 2 trades but both were significant. The Wild rather shockingly traded away long-time defenseman Nick Schultz in a swap with Edmonton for defenseman Tom Gilbert, which seemed to have punched the locker room up there right in the gut.

Schultz is one of those "good guy" heart and soul types, really solid stay at home defenseman and it's clear the boys in the room and especially the goalies will miss him. Gilbert has more of an offensive gift and the Wild want more puck-moving defensemen to aid the lackluster offensive depth up there.

Reasonable but here's hoping the goalies have eaten their Wheaties because the Wild also traded away shot-blocking crazy man Greg Zanon to Boston for another puck moving d-man Steve Kampfer. However, young Kampfer will start his time in the organization as an Aero.

Seems he's had some injury issues since last season and, while he's back in the saddle, the team wants him to get his game going, his confidence up, etc. before bringing him up to the big club. They have enough d-men up there and Stoner should be healthy soon.

Here's a good (but oldish) article with lots of info on The New Guy, but what jumped out at me was that he used to be paired with Jeff Penner when the two were in Providence, so that's a bit of a reunion there, even though Penner is still out with an injury.

Unlike many anticipated, there was no goalie movement and in fact, GM Chuck Fletcher said Josh Harding could still be in the team's future plans, and moreover, Harding wants to be in Minnesota, so things just got real crowded in the goalie pipeline. 

So, that's that.

In addition, the Wild did some paper transactions yesterday to ensure that Marco Scandella, Nate Prosser, and Nick Palmieri (who was acquired in the Zidlicky trade last week from the Devils) would be eligible to play for the Aeros in the playoffs.

It's looking very unlikely that the Wild will get into the playoffs. I believe Russo calculated that they'd have to win 15 of the next 20 (or maybe it's 14 of the next 19 now?) to get in, which seems far-fetched, so assuming the Aeros do get in, they'd have some real solid help coming down.

And now, that's that.

San Antonio Saturday night, a quick trip to Abbotsford because the Heat miss their whipping boys, and then we all get to go back to the Toy Box and watch Live Hockey again. I won't lie: I've been crazy busy and have enjoyed the break, but it's time for some home ice advantage again.


Forecheck said...

It's pretty obvious that the Wild are not happy with their mix, despite all the propaganda this summer on "Becoming Wild" about what a super-stud GM Fletcher is and what a great team they would have this year. That's all on the ash-heap of history now.

I'm really, really surprised that no goalie moves were made. I was expecting Harding or maybe Hackett to be moved, and Backstrom was not out of the question.

I guess the question is how much of this falls on Fletcher and how much on Yeosy in Leipold's mind.

And I still don't understand why Peters needs to be waived to come back down.

Ms. Conduct said...

Because he's old.

Anonymous said...

Guess the big boys will need some time to create chemistry up there. Right now it's 3-0 Kings and the Wild look awful, really awful.

Forecheck said...

Awful doesn't come close to discribing the Wild tonight.

They look like they have given up and are already planning the golf vacations in Jamaica for mid April.