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Thursday, February 2, 2012

View from the Press Box - Aeros win ... at home!

You can bet all the talk on the Stars side of things will be centered on what would have happened Thursday minus Raycroft's second-period brain freeze.

But that was a break the Aeros, winless in six before the 3-1 win over Texas, desperately needed.

Wellman and Fontaine looked really good out there, as did, I thought DiSalvatore and Hackett.

Dave McIntyre just had one of those nights, but you can bet he'll respond with a good pair of games this weekend.

The Aeros really turned on the jets after the CJ Stretch goal was waived off. Personally, I did not see the kicking motion, even after seeing the replays, but I was not anywhere near as close as Banfield, and he waived it off immediately.

Even Torchetti said he's not the least bit worried about that call.

Other positives? The power play was better and produced the game-winner.

Hackett looked pretty confident, and his body language was better after allowing the first goal on a re-direction.

He just shook it off, and the Aeros really turned it up after that.

Jeff Taffe had one good scoring chance, was a plus-1 and recorded three shots on goal. Please read the post from earlier for more on his recent struggles.

Drew Bagnall was a quiet plus-two and was very good defensively.

DiSalvatore was a minus-1 Thursday, but he did get a team-high six shots on goal and created when possible.

The Aeros did a real good job against the Benn/Hedden/Morin line. Those three just looked a bit off, so it was nice to see the Aeros take advantage of that.

That is pretty much all I have for now. What did you think of the game tonight?

What do you think the Aeros need to do to keep the streak alive against Lake Erie and Milwaukee?

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Forecheck said...

I wasn't terribly impressed with the start. I thought they got better in the second and third.

I also thought the waved off goal was good. If there was any foot motion, there was a slight motion of the back of the foot outward, which I wouldn't call a "distinct kicking motion". Then again, Banfield missed a couple of dives too.

Yes, Taffe does continue to struggle. If it weren't for the shortage of bodies, I'd say he needs to sit in the stands for a few. The assion doesn't seem to be there.... that was Wellman's territory tonight.

And what got Cody so POed? Cheap shot?